Agree or Disagree: This man’s religious rights were violated

Agree or Disagree: This man’s religious rights were violated

Above is a rather… bizarre story.

I have to explain this in a kind of picture this.

Male student arrives in Canada. He decides to study at York University.

Perhaps not reading the brochure, or doing any research available to him, the man makes a shocking discovery. 

There are women in his classroom.According to the man’s religious beliefs, at this point unknown, he cannot study with women

He decides to take this issue to the Dean Martin Singer of York University. After an unknown time of discussion, Dean Singer agrees that the man should not have to work with the women in his group. He should work with males.

This is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Canada.

The instructor, J. Paul Grayson is in the class everyday. He has a sense of how the entire class, men and women interact. He sees the behaviour of the man towards his female counterparts.

He decides to defy the order of the Dean. He orders the male to work with the women in a group. 

Grayson’s  reason why he made this decision? 

We have to make a value choice,” he told the Toronto Sun. “What’s more important, the rights of females who make up 54% of the population, or those of individuals with religious notions incompatible with egalitarianism?

Rightly I think, Grayson is being applauded and supported for his decision. He has received many emails supporting this decision.

The question is was York University right in granting this request first? Is this mans religious rights violated?