Agree or Disagree: The USA should put troops in Ukraine.

The above video is but a small sample of what is going on in Ukraine.

Protests that have gone violent. Violence that has led to deaths. From the story of deaths, we now see Russian tanks crossing into Ukraine territory.

We enter the USA and Barack Obama.

President Obama has said Russian President Putin “will be on the wrong side of history.” Obama has asked Russia to pull away their troops.

Russia has not.

If you are not sure what is going on in Ukraine, one of the people that is following the story is Patti-Pierce Miller. She wrote this post

We used it as a part of

As it always seems when things like this happen, the question is what the United States should do about it. We can debate if it is always effective, but it is a question we do end up asking.

Is it time for the USA to put troops in Ukraine? Or, is there a better solution to this situation? Should anyone get involved in this situation at all?

A special Morning Agree or Disagree: The USA plan to attack Syria

A special Morning Agree or Disagree: The USA plan to attack Syria

Usually, we do this a little later. However, if reports are true, it is quite possible we could be discussing this throughout the day.

According to several reports, the USA will be launching an attack on Syria today. If it’s not today, it will be soon. This is in spite of the Brits saying they will not be supporting this. And interestingly enough, up to 80% of Americans polled opposed to this.

What do you think?

Agree or Disagree: Israel handling of Palestine. And should the USA Step in

This book has a lot of pages with many chapters. And we have new chapters that have been written recently. 

Depending on which version of the book you read, you get a different perdpective. As a matter of fact some have argued that their “Book” tells them to support Israel has they are the chosen people.

There are others that would argue that the way the Palestinians have been treated is very sad. and unacceptable. That they are people who simply want to live on a land that they also feel their “Book” has told was theirs.

Both sides feel justified in their stance. There are so many reasons for this. But the problem is there is so many innocent people losing their life. If they are not dead, their live conditions are horrible enough.

I really liked Donald Miller wrote after his recent trip. You can read this here.

The questions I bring up is this.

Is there someone that is “right” here?

And is it time for the US, or others to step in.