Agree or Disagree: This man’s religious rights were violated

Agree or Disagree: This man’s religious rights were violated

Above is a rather… bizarre story.

I have to explain this in a kind of picture this.

Male student arrives in Canada. He decides to study at York University.

Perhaps not reading the brochure, or doing any research available to him, the man makes a shocking discovery. 

There are women in his classroom.According to the man’s religious beliefs, at this point unknown, he cannot study with women

He decides to take this issue to the Dean Martin Singer of York University. After an unknown time of discussion, Dean Singer agrees that the man should not have to work with the women in his group. He should work with males.

This is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Canada.

The instructor, J. Paul Grayson is in the class everyday. He has a sense of how the entire class, men and women interact. He sees the behaviour of the man towards his female counterparts.

He decides to defy the order of the Dean. He orders the male to work with the women in a group. 

Grayson’s  reason why he made this decision? 

We have to make a value choice,” he told the Toronto Sun. “What’s more important, the rights of females who make up 54% of the population, or those of individuals with religious notions incompatible with egalitarianism?

Rightly I think, Grayson is being applauded and supported for his decision. He has received many emails supporting this decision.

The question is was York University right in granting this request first? Is this mans religious rights violated?


Agree or Disagree: Society has lost respect for the Police.

We all remember the outrage towards the Toronto Police with their actions towards 18 year old Sammy Yatim. He was, of course the young men police  shot 9 times in a Toronto streetcar on Friday July 26.

 During that time, I was in Montreal and there is a story I’d like to share with you about an incident there that leads to our question today.

 It was the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal. St. Catherine Street was alive with people enjoying the pleasant night. I was walking towards my hotel on St. Denis street when I heard the sirens of the Police. It turns out, they were chasing a cyclist.

  It took about 6 cops to finally complete the arrest. Some could argue that they were rough on the guy. However, others would argue he was arrested. As you would expect, the crowd stopped to watch the man be arrested and apprehended. Videos and pictures were being taken of the incident. This also led to many people sarcastically calling “Police Brutality”. 


I also overheard a conversation from someone in English say that they cops are rather unimpressive in Montreal. He used words I would rather not repeat.


The two stories in Toronto and the one I saw in Montreal leads me to a question that I think is fair to ask. 


Have we lost respect for our police? Have our perceptions over the years changed from an establishment we respect to one that acts often out of line?

Agree or Disagree: The recent floods have you thinking about environmental issues



These are just two of the many images that we have seen lately. Floods in Southern Alberta a couple of weeks ago and yesterday, in Toronto.

We can all agree it’s been an unusual last couple of weeks for weather in Canada. Some people have suggested this has something to do with the way we have treated our environment. That these floods are the consequences of that.

Would this be something you agree with? Has this got you thinking about the environment more?




Agree or Disagree: Journalism has reached an all time low

If you haven’t seen this interview, this was the interview CBC Newsworld did with Toronto Councillor.

This inspired today’s discussion as he said it in this interview.

It also inspired me to write this column

Agree or Disagree: Politicians have a sense of entitlement

No matter what side you are on, you must admit the issues surrounding Alison Redford and Ron Ford this week are questionable.

These issues are not the first, nor will they be the last. Politicians have a history of sponsorship scandals, rumours of affairs, and even ballot tampering. Yet, they vote themselves raises

Doesn’t it seem that there is a clear disconnect between what we expect from our politicians and what happens? They make promises and do not keep them. They promise change and at times things remain the same. Then somehow, we hear about a friend of some politician who got something and questions abound. Somehow, the politicians influence is involved.

Is it frustrating? Should we expect more? Do you think that politicians have a sense of entitlement?