Agree or Disagree: You are worried about your future pension.

Agree or Disagree: You are worried about your future pension.

In Alberta, the AUPE is very concerned about how the Provincial Government is handling pensions. They are so concerned that they are strongly encouraging you in Alberta to come to Town Halls they will be having all across Alberta titled Hands off My Pension.

The reason they will tell you is attached in this link for you to read.


The question I have is this. Are you worried about your pension? If so, why or why not?


Agree or Disagree: You will be prepared financially when you retire

I do realize that  some of are in different places with this then others. Some of you may be students in a post secondary institution. Some of may have just a marriage and in the beginning of family stage. Or, maybe you are well established and settled in your working career. Or, maybe this idea of retirement is really close.

Many financial institutions do ask the question Are you Ready to Retire? Generally, the thought has been 65 years old, but that is really different for everyone.

But, the reality is this will be an option if we are fortunate to live that long. For many who have reached it, there have been different experiences. Some were prepared and were able to travel  and relax. Some have had to work a little longer then they wanted too.

So here are the questions.

Do you think about retirement?

If you have, when did you start?

Do you feel you will be prepared financially when you reach it? Why or why not?