Agree or Disagree: Calgary has a great food scene.


There is nothing better than going out for a great meal. A great breakfast. A great lunch. A great dinner.

And of course, a great dessert.

Now finding the great places for some can be a challenge. Other than the “mainstream” places,some may not know where to go. Or, some may not be able to afford it.

The other factor is what city you are in.  There are cities have great reputations for their food scene. Here’s a link of the top 10 food cities in the world. Spoiler Alert; Vancouver and Montreal are on the list. Calgary is not.

You are probably not surprised.  But what are your thoughts on Calgary’s food scene?  Do we have a good one? Great one? Are there some places that you go to that you would recommend people check out?

As well, in your mind, what makes a great food scene? In your travels around the world, what are some of the things you notice about places with great food?


Agree or Disagree: The Podcast- We say goodbye to a Calgary Institution-Lido Cafe


After 70 years in Calgary, Lido Cafe is closing it’s doors.
Not because of poor business, or service. It’s because the restaurant will be replaced by a Condominium complex. Aptly named Lido!

Terry Lo @calgarydreamer and I talk about the impact Lido had on the community.
We interviewed Pam, the owner of Lido since October 31,1990. Unfortunately, that interview did not record. However we do talk about the topics we cover. Those include,

-Her love for the customers
–The political circumstances when they took over
-How impressive it is to last that long in a turbulent restaurant market
-Her secret for success
-The 4 most popular dishes at Lido
-How 4 generations of families enjoyed Lido

If you are listening to this on Saturday, there will be a party from 6-9 pm. There will be paintings, and an opportunity to say goodbye.

Listen to the Podcast here

Closing day will be Monday April 28.

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Agree or Disagree: You are a good tipper.


There was an interesting article posted in the Calgary Sun this week. 

Apparently we who live in Calgary or #yyc are the cheapest tippers in Canada!

Here is the article.

We average 13% tips for services. The top city apparently is Ottawa. However, in general, it appears we Canadians do not have a great reputation in tipping. Here’s an Yahoo article about that

I’m assuming some of you will be going out this weekend.  When you do, what will you be tipping?