Agree or Disagree: Canada racism problem is worse than America’s

This article is from Maclean’s Magazine. It suggests that Canada’s racism is worse than the America’s.

Now in an instant, this might stun you. I mean we Canadians are so…..tolerant. But the article shows an interesting comparison between how Canada treats Aboriginal Canadians and how America treats African-Americans. In all areas, the Aboriginal population suffers a worse fate than African Americans. You can read the comparisons in the article and you might be surprised.

There is a bunch more on this that you will read and reflect on.

But first of all, do you think Agree or Disagree that Canada has a racism problem?

And second, do you see it as worse than America’s?

So, you want to “Stand for Truth”?

The above video is one of the many posts and comments that have been going around since Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty had his interview in GQ magazine.

It would seem that many are quite proud that according to this video, Piers Morgan was “schooled” by Bible Scholar Dr. Michael Brown when the question of what Jesus said about homosexuality.

Dr. Brown made three points. The first being that Jesus did not come to abolish the Torah, but to fulfill it. His second point is Matthew 15 points to all sexual acts outside of marriage. Third, Matthew 19 says that marriage is intended for a man and a woman.

Piers you got “schooled”.

A friend of mine posted this video in his Facebook page. A particularly confident person responded by asking if Piers Morgan was an atheist or a bigot, an intolerant and hater of Christ? He also didn’t know Piers well, but based on what he heard Piers was no Christian. Then he posted if we need Jesus to tell us sodomy is wrong.

So, I decided to ask him, as he clearly has a knowledge of what a Christian is this question.

Should a Christian be using the terms Pre-entitlement and Pre-welfare when it comes to black people?

You see, while many of you have been so proud of Phil Robertson “standing for truth” about homosexuals, he also said this about black people. Yet, strangely, you have been silent on this issue. As was that person I asked the question.

Perhaps he needs Jesus to tell him racism is wrong.

For years, I have heard many in the Christian church talk about the importance of standing for truth,or, standing for “Biblical Values”. They will open their Scriptures calmly to verses like Romans 2, 1 Corinthians 6, and Leviticus 18. They feel justified in their stand as they know God will judge them.

They forget that Jesus commanded us to love the Lord you God with all your heart and your neighbour as yourself. And that this commandment is not only in the New Testament, but in the Old Testament as well. That the term neighbour was never clearly defined by Jesus. We were just told to love them.

They feel they have an obligation to confront people on their lifestyle. Yet, you confront back, there suddenly is a silence.

They remind you that truth is offensive. I’ll let my former Youth Pastor Paul Burke respond to that by sharing what he posted on his Facebook wall.

Have you ever sat and talked to homosexuals about their experiences growing up? Have you heard about the bullying? Getting beat up? Literally living in fear for their life? Feeling that the best thing is to kill themselves because they are despicable human beings?

Have you heard about their experience in the church? Being told that homosexuality is an abomination? That they are hated by God and going to hell? Have you heard stories about pastors and elders sexually abusing them and then getting up on Sunday and once again riling against homosexuality?
Do you know people leading the charge against gay marriage , while knowing and being silent that their brother in law uses his position as an evangelical pastor to seduce men significantly younger then him? Under the guise of helping them, causing one young man such confusion and pain that his destructive lifestyle led to him getting AIDS.

Do you know gay people who attend church but are afraid to let anyone in the church know? Do you know pastors who hide the fact that they are gay?

Have you learned more about the practice of grace from your gay brother then you learned in the church?

Do you realize that their are people who will read this, who will cheer some tv reality guy on for ‘speaking the truth’ and will be upset at me for speaking truth.

Agree or Disagree: You would confront a stranger in public who was acting inappropriately

Agree or Disagree: You would confront a stranger in public who was acting inappropriately

The Vancouver Province is doing an interesting series on racism in the community, This article I linked asked the question about what would you do if you saw racism in public. Would you do something about it? Or, would you turn the other way?

I liked the question, however, I thought it would be interesting to expand this a little bit. Racism is one of many issues that can be publicly confronted. Here are  some other examples I thought of.

-A person who yells at a cashier or a server while you are in line.

-A parent who yells at their child at the store.

-People swearing in public in front of children or a senior.

There are others that you might have thought of as well. The question is would you confront someone you don’t know that was behaving inappropriately? And is your response the right response?