Agree or Disagree: Society has a cultural bias towards extroverts.

One of my all time favourite books is Susan Cain’s book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking.

For the record, my Myers-Briggs is ENFJ. My E and I is close and my P and J are also close. I kind of look at myself as an Extrovert Introvert.

One of the reasons I love Cain’s book so much is because it does shine some light on what presume is the success of the extrovert. It also shares how we underestimate the power of the introvert.

As an example, think of some of the qualities we like in a leader. Great charisma, great communicator, ability to inspire etc. Qualities more recognized in an extrovert or an introvert leaders. We underestimate the ability to prepare and to push themselves and others.

In this article, Cain argues that our society has a cultural bias towards extroverts. As an example, here is what she says about the education system.

In a way education by its nature favours the extrovert because you are taking kids and putting them into a big classroom, which is automatically going to be a high-stimulation environment. Probably the best way of teaching in general is one on one, but that’s not something everyone can afford. So, school ends up becoming this place where introverted kids learn that they have to act like extroverts.

What do you think? Do you Agree or Disagree that Society has a cultural bias towards extroverts?

Agree or Disagree: Extroverts will have more sexual partners than introverts

I’d like to talk about a book I’m reading.

The book is called Quiet:  The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.

The author is Susan Cain.  Her writings have appeared in the New York Times, Dallas Morning News, O: The Oprah Magazine; and She has a TED Talk that has over 3 million views.The book does some really interesting and work on how  introverts contribute to our society. As well as how they are misunderstood. I highly recommend reading this book.

I’d also like to talk about how I read books.

I read them very slowly and deliberately. I pause and think about what I’m reading. Particularly when it’s something I need to  think about. So, when I read this, I had to stop and think.

Or consider this trade-off: human extroverts have more sexual partners than introverts do-a boon to any species wanting to reproduce itself-but they commit more adultery and divorce more frequently, which is not a good thing for the children of all those couplings.

“Really” I thought to myself. I never gave this much thought. I would be mostly considered an extrovert, and I’m not sure that is accurate of me personally. 

She doesn’t talk too much about this extrovert and introvert dating specifically in the book, she does write this article which expands on her thoughts.

What do you think? Do you believe that Extroverts will and have more sexual partners than introverts?