Agree or Disagree: A ban of wearing religious symbols

Agree or Disagree: A ban of wearing religious symbols

You may have known that I was in Montreal the last two summers.

In Montreal, it is generally quite hard to not walk past a Catholic Church or a religious institution. Two of the top tourist attractions are churches. A cross adorns of the hills of Mont-Royal

That is why I find it interesting that Quebec is bringing forward the idea for a ban of wearing religious symbols.

According to the attached article here in The Star, here is an explanation of the idea.

The so-called charter of Quebec values, to be unveiled in the coming weeks, proposes barring public servants from wearing veils, kippas, turbans and even crucifixes while at work. A leaked report last week said the measures would apply to anyone who draws their salary from the public purse: bureaucrats, lawyers, police officers, teachers, and even doctor and nurses.

Apparently, it is gaining popularity. According to the poll The Star shared 2 out of 3 Quebecers support this.

I’m interested in how this can be done. Some religions and faiths have some specific things they must wear. How will you get around that? Moreover, this does seem to have some human rights implications to this.

Here’s another perspective from Irwin Colter.

What do you think? Would you support this? Or, are there too many implications?

Agree or Disagree: Legalizing euthanasia is unnecessary and dangerous.

Agree or Disagree: Legalizing euthanasia is unnecessary and dangerous.

You may have heard today that Quebec tabled a new “right to die” legislation today.

In the National Post, Junior health minister Veronique Hivon is quotes as saying this.

This bill is a response to the demands of Quebec society, a society that has conducted a thorough reflection on the end of life and which is committed to work for the welfare of everyone,” Hivon said.

“Considering the interest and hope raised by the work of the special commission on dying with dignity and the unanimity of its recommendations, we have a responsibility as a government to deal with it.”

In the video above, the group Physicians Alliance for the Total Refusal of Euthanasia called it unnecessary and dangerous.

“I took an oath. I’m not supposed to kill people,” said Gerald van Gulp, a palliative care and emergency room doctor, at a news conference at Montreal’s Hotel Dieu Hospital Wednesday afternoon held by the Physicians’ Alliance for the Total Refusal of Euthanasia.

“You have to call a spade a spade. When the intent is to inject a lethal drug, a poison, it is a homicide” 

What do you think? Is this unnecessary and dangerous? And how will this impact other provinces going forward? Do you see euthanasia being legalized across Canada?

Agree or Disagree: Justin Trudeau should step down for these comments

The name Trudeau in Alberta, and in the West, can be a polarizing.

Justin Trudeau has captured many minds within the Liberal party as a potential leader. Some believe he would make a great Prime Minister. Others would strongly disagree.

Albertans still remember what his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau did with the National Energy Program. It is one of the main reasons the Liberal Party has failed to make any traction in Alberta.

This video is from the Calgary Sun. Some have been upset that he made these comments that Canada belongs to Quebec.

Do you think he should resign?