Agree or Disagree: Calgary should have a 24 hour downtown

It may seem like an odd thought. After all, Calgary’s downtown is very quiet.  Other than the Stampede, or an occasional Flames playoff run, it seems like people go and work downtown and generally head home.

But what if, and it’s a big what if, Calgary looked at an 24 hour downtown.  Like Montreal did, for example.

Last week, The Quebec government partnered with the City of Montreal bestow some specific neighbourhoods 24 hour access. Which means in a nutshell, if your business is in those areas, you can have your store open for 24 hours.

You can read the story here.

Now let’s imagine for a moment areas like 17th Ave SW had this access. Or, Stephen Avenue. Would you support that?

Would that help to revive downtown Calgary?

Do you Agree or Disagree with a 24 hour downtown?

Agree or Disagree: It is what it is


This is a phrase some use when things aren’t exactly going they way that they should.  And they realize that things are not going to change. So they decide to “accept it and move on.”

But do you like this saying. Do you think “It is what it is” a good phrase to use in tough times?

Agree or Disagree: Turn the other cheek.

turn the other cheek
phrase of cheek
refrain from retaliating when one has been attacked or insulted.
When I was in school, I was one of those kids that was picked on a lot. Sometimes, by an individual person. Other times by a group. It was difficult to deal with. However, there was lots of advice that generally fell under two categories
          1) Ignore it.
        2) Stand up to them.
  1. To be honest, both were difficult to do. If I ignored, they would come at me harder. If I stood up, I wasn’t strong enough to hold them back.
    As an adult, I became more mature, I developed a better way on handling these things. I learned that even though there will always be people that insult you, there are also people that love you. And the people that love you, those words have more meaning.
    But, that doesn’t mean that there will still not be difficult people in your, or my life. They will always be there. And, there will be a  time to “turn the other cheek”.
    Turn the other check a phrase that is commonly associated with Jesus.  However, it is also in Lamentations 3:30 (NIV) where it says this;
    Let them turn the other cheek to those who strike them and accept the insults of their enemies.
    And as mentioned a the top, it also means “refrain from retaliating when one has been attacked or insulted.”
    So, it would seem for many, that it makes sense to turn the other cheek.
    Or, does it?
    Is there a time that you should turn the other cheek? Walk away from the person and move on? Or, is there a time to stand up? Say no more and stand up!
    When is the time to do either? And how difficult is it?

Agree or Disagree: It’s time to reopen the “Right to Die” debate.

In the midst of the other news going around the last couple of weeks, you might have missed the story of Brittany Maynard.

Brittany Maynard was a 29 year old woman who suffered from a stage 4 malignant brain cancer. She announced on YouTube that on Saturday November 1 she will end her life.

This is a really simplistic statement in of itself. So, let’s give some clarity here. She was diagnosed with brain cancer in January. She was told by doctors in April that she had six months to live.  And that six months would be very painful.

Throughout this process, Maynard became an advocate for terminally ill patients  to receive medication that will allow then to die on their own terms.You can see her video above.

Maynard’s story got lots of attention. It included a website which you can see here. And her name was mentioned over 105,000 times on Twitter according to

Considering Maynard’s story, and the many more that will not get this type of attention, is it time for us to consider reopening the “Right to Die” debate?  Before, you answer, I hope you have a look at this article. This is comprehensive look at the issues around the topic from USA Today.

I hope when you discuss this, you give the respect and dignity of all perspectives that will be shared.

As we gather tomorrow…..




Tomorrow morning, Canadians will be up as early as 3:00 AM in the West Coast. Some are going to decide if they are going to stay up all night, or go to bed early.

We will get up and gather together for a hockey game. We will post statuses, pictures with our friends on where we are and who we are with on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or text. We will high five  or maybe hug strangers. In Alberta, we will probably drink a beer. When the game is over, our day will be impacted by if we win or lose.


Meanwhile, in the midst of our Olympic watching, you might have missed this.Image


This is a picture taken in Venezuela. It’s one of three countries that are going through anti-government protests.  The others are Ukraine and Thailand.  The protests have become violent, with destruction, and death.  Many in this country are unable to sleep because they fear for their safety. Or, they lost  a dear loved one and can’t stop thinking about them. The pictures they show are of those lost loved ones, or their ruined cities. That’s if they can a some may not be able too at all. They gather not for a simple game, but in hope that their very country that they love survives.  They are not debating about alcohol at 5 AM, but wonder what will happen at 5AM.

I as a Canadian will be one of us that will be very excited about tomorrow’s hockey game. I will be cheering with all of my heart because I love my country.  However, at some point, I will be saying a prayer for Ukraine, Venezuela, and Thailand. 

Because they gather for something bigger than a simple game.

Agree or Disagree: Keeping someone “Brain Dead”alive because they are pregnant

Agree or Disagree: Keeping someone Brain Dead Alive because they are pregnant

Meet Marilse Munoz. She is from Fort Worth Texas.

She’s 33. In November, she had a blood clot in her leg and collapsed on her living room floor. Doctors later declared her to be brain dead. The families wishes were to take her off life support.

Her husband Erick and the rest of the family said their goodbyes and prepared to pull the plug. Imagine their surprise to learn that the hospital was unable to comply with the family wishes.


Because she is 14 weeks  pregnant.

You can read a version of the story on the top link. I say version because there are several.

The reason this is happening is because there is a  law in Texas and two dozen other states that prevents doctors from ending life support for someone that is pregnant. This is the law.

“Section 166.049 Pregnant Patients. A person may not withdraw or withhold life-sustaining treatment under this subchapter from a pregnant patient.”

Now, I know many have been critical of the decision. However, I feel like there is some information missing here. The big question I have. Did the family know she was pregnant?  If we go by 14, that’s mid October and she collapsed November 26. So, possibly a six week pregnancy at the time of collapse.Did the husband or the wife know? And, I think another fair question to ask, and I’m being sensitive here. If she knew that she would be pregnant and clinging to life support, would she want the baby to live? My point is, I feel like something within the process of this terrible situation, there is some important questions here.

Also, let’s be the hospital. The ones that are being criticized here. What is their role here? There is a law in place that they feel obligated to follow. I’m sure they want to be respectful to the family, but not to debate the term, but there is a life at stake. 14 weeks or not.

Perhaps, be the people involved. Put yourselves in the shoes of the family. Put yourselves in the shoes of the hospital. It seems easy to criticize the hospital, but from where I’m sitting, this also seems like a very difficult decision for the hospital as well. And as much at times to want to take the black and white stance, the reality is life has lots of grey in it. This is an example of that.

So, what do you think? How would be the best way to come to a resolution that helps all the people involved? Or, is that possible?