More Fun Facts about Kevin

I don’t normally play these games on Facebook, but for some reason I did. I don’t know what it’s called. You get a number and you have to put  a certain amount of facts about you. I got 6 and those were mine.

1. I was diagnosed at an early age with a learning disability.
2. When I was in Grade 3, I won my first acting award. My principle was proud.
3. I Directed Two One act Plays and assisted in other plays. I won one award.
4. I almost went to Vancouver Film School
5. I spent a brief time of my life homeless and on Social Services.
6. My Grandma was glad I turned out to be such a nice boy.

It has occurred that at times perhaps people don’t much about me. For example, some do not seem to know what I do for work. (I feel like Chandler Bing) There is also some other things that you might not know. Things like,


7. I write articles for the Calgary Beacon. It is an online newspaper.

8. I work as a Student Advisor at SAIT. Basically, I tell students where to go and how to get there:)

9.I’m  quite involved with our AUPE Local 39. I’m with the Bargaining Committee, Academic Council rep , Education Sector rep.

10.  I’ve ran  in a 10 kilometres race for three years running.

11. I used to help sell drugs to people in the States. That is medication not well …. you know.

12.I spent over 4 years in a stellar career as a telemarketer. I was also very good at it. 

13. I used to also sell things door to door. I was not as good.

14. I used to have a lot of hair. It was wild and went everywhere.

15. I’ve been called loud. I’m not exactly sure why.

16. I was in a church choir.  I’m a bass that often was in the back ground.

17 I was in three musicals. One was Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. My brilliant dance moves led me to the background.

18. I used to volunteer with Voiceprint. They read newspaper stories for the blind.

19. I once was mugged. I do hope that he enjoyed the 50 cents he got from my pocket.

20.  I spent most of my life fighting of poor self-esteem.

21.  I’m fiercely loyal and believe there is a solution to a problem.

22. I will do my best to defend those who are being picked on or belittled.

23. I have some really long term friends. Not because I’m old, but because they are courageous enough to stick with me.

 Sometimes going forward, you forget what happened looking back. I forgot some of the obstacles, the efforts, and the challenges I came through. I also forget the victories, the joys and the surprises that have also happened in my life.

There you go. Now you might know a little more about me.