Agree or Disagree: After 4 debates, you know who you would like to be the President of the US.

There have been 3 debates with Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. 1 with Joe Biden and Paul Ryan.

Have you made a decision on who you would like to be the President of the United States?


The Thank You Experiment-Day 16

Many years ago, I went to church service in Calgary called Tehillah Monday. Just to clarify, this was “Tequilah Monday” which it was often confused, or called  at the time.


The service had a somewhat typical, but at times untypical format depending on the week. Generally speaking, the issue of ending on time, or anytime really wasn’t  an overall concern for the service. People were ok with that.


However,  in the midst of the spontaneous,came some consistency.


Usually the night would end with music. The music would play and then die down until all you could hear s the sound of various voices in conversation. But then, there was a moment, somewhat unexpected that you would suddenly hear this.




It would catch people’s attention. But not in a way that would interrupt the sounds of  your conversation. But in a way that blended in with the conversation.


As time went on, people noticed the music more and paid attention to it. Some would stop and listen, others would enjoy it an converse more. 


The piano player was never boastful about it when he played. He just played. He was quiet, but will talk.


Eventually I talked to him, and still do.


As I have come to know, he can talk about many things. Some of his favourite topics include health and diet, faith, music and more.


In the midst of a conversation, you might be impressed with his knowledge on stuff, but as I have known him I noted something else.  Probably because he has been my friend for about 15 years.


He cares about you. He really does. Not in a passing way, but in a way that impacts you. And not in a way that lets you sit in your sh$$$, but helps you get out of it.


Of all the qualities he has, that is likely his most understated one. But, the one that I have appreciated the most. Thanks Cam



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Thank You.

Agree or Disagree: Equal Pay for Equal Work

It is somewhat strange too me that in 2012, we still bring this up.

Last night during the Presidential debate, there was a discussion about women in the workforce.

It was interesting to listen to some of the focus groups on MSNBC and CNN. While the general feedback from the focus group was that Romney was strong on the economy, he did not do well in women issues. It even came across from women who would vote for Romney.

As Chris Matthews from MSNBC asked, it is interesting that Romney never answered that question. Granted, Matthews is a Obama supporter.

So I ask you, what do you think? Is this a fair expectation. Not only for women, but for the overall work force?

Agree or Disagree: You can find contentment without money.

The Apostle Paul wrote this in Philippians 4:12.

I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.

Can  you identify with this?

The Thank You Experiment-Day 15

It’s a little story but it’s a good story.

I’m heading up somewhere on the bus today. The bus driver was a little late, which can be frustrating.

The Bus Driver came and asked everyone to sit down. He wasn’t worried about passes, fares etc. He knew he was late.

We arrive at the bus stop. I hear something very rare. This is either, I always miss it or it never happens.

“Thank You”

“Thank You”

“Thank You”

“Thank You”

“Thank You

“Thank You”

“Thank You”

“Thank You”

8 Thank You’s to the bus driver. It’s sounded a little like a song with an extra beat between each one.

Being a Bus Driver is a tough job. You have a specific schedule and you are dealing with many different people. You are also somewhat controlled by the system given to them. Yet they have to keep their composure.

So today, I’m thankful for the Bus Drivers. They do a great job with little notice.

This is Day 15 of the Thank You experiment I am doing for my birthday month. Feel free to look on the right for the other posts. There are two bloggers who have joined me in this. 

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Agree or Disagree: You can’t reform bullies, but you can teach your kids courage

it has been the talk of the weekend.

A young woman in B.C. named Amber Todd tragically took her life due to the act of bullying.

We reflect on another situation and we wonder why this has happened. We have called out to end bullying. All of that, I agree with wholeheartedly. It is sad this has happened and my heart breaks.

Perhaps Markham Hislop has brought up a point we need to consider in this article here

What are your thoughts on this?