Agree or Disagree: The Podcast-Justin Trudeau The Man, The Myth The Next Pm of Canada.

On this week’s Podcast, Karen Jiang who is supporting the Liberals and Bethany Lynn Drader from the NDP and myself discuss Justin Trudeau-The Man, The Myth, the Next PM of Canada.

Topics include:

-Perception of Trudeau

-How Trudeau is uniting the Liberal Party-

-Some of Trudeau’s bold moves and opinions on Ukraine, Legalizing Marijuana,  and Senate Abolishment

-Perception of Thomas Mulcair and Stephen Harper (Including how to say Mulcair)

-The conversation and engagement of Canadian Politics going forward.


Part 1 here

Part 2 here

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Agree or Disagree: Justin Trudeau is fit to be the PM of Canada

Agree or Disagree: Justin Trudeau is fit to be the PM of Canada


The above article/video is from Sun News.

It is discussing of how Justin Trudeau made, quite frankly, a rather flippant and offensive remark about the very tragic events that have been happening in the Ukraine. 

If you missed it, Trudeau made a joke about how Russia was a threat to Ukraine because “they lost a hockey game”. This was after there was a tragic event that lost over 20 lives. Below is the video.

This has led to some serious questions about the ability of Trudeau to be the Prime Minister of Canada. Now, before you simply argue that this article is from a Conservative perspective, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair was upset on Monday saying that ” “You don’t make jokes about people lying dead on the streets of their capital.”

So, what do you think?  Does this incident prove or disprove Justin Trudeau can be the Prime Minister of Canada?

Agree or Disagree: Justin Trudeau should step down for these comments

The name Trudeau in Alberta, and in the West, can be a polarizing.

Justin Trudeau has captured many minds within the Liberal party as a potential leader. Some believe he would make a great Prime Minister. Others would strongly disagree.

Albertans still remember what his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau did with the National Energy Program. It is one of the main reasons the Liberal Party has failed to make any traction in Alberta.

This video is from the Calgary Sun. Some have been upset that he made these comments that Canada belongs to Quebec.

Do you think he should resign?