Agree or Disagree: News Media outlets using Facebook as quotes for a news story.

At some point today, the chances are quite likely that you posted a status for your friends on Facebook too see. The chances are quite likely, many of your friends have seen it and commented on it. There are various reasons as to why you would post on Facebook. Too make someone smile. Too share a story. Or, perhaps you could use some support as you are going through a tough time.

That would be Audrey Strasser’s reason.

Who’s Audrey Strasser? This weekend, her 18 year old son died in a bar fight in Calgary. Understandably, she took to Facebook to share her grief with her friends and family. Also understandably, news outlets reported the story of the murder.

Except the news reporters from the Calgary Herald did not actually interview the grieving mother. Instead, they went to Facebook to get their quotes from the story.

Here’s a link to the story

Now, before you get on the Calgary Herald for this action, the Calgary Sun also used Facebook to gain some quotes on this story. The difference being, the Sun went to the Facebook memorial group to gain some insights.

Here’s the link to that story

Now, imagine if this was you. You shared something on Facebook and found it on a newspaper story the next day. Or, this was your friends. How would you feel? Is this good journalism? Or ethical?


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If you haven’t seen this interview, this was the interview CBC Newsworld did with Toronto Councillor.

This inspired today’s discussion as he said it in this interview.

It also inspired me to write this column