Agree or Disagree: The Podcast-Danielle Smith and the WRP Crossing

When we started 2014, the biggest villain in Alberta Politics was Alison Redford. The possible hero and new leader of Alberta Politics, you could argue, was Danielle Smith.

Now, as 2014 ends, the biggest villain of…. Canadian politics is Danielle Smith.

Steven Britton, Robyn Moser and Derek Fildebrandt discuss the shocking week of 9 Wildrose Members crossing the floor too the PC Party. We cover a ton of topics and it conveys a lot of emotions.  This also will have some “inside baseball”. However, there are some people that  had some insight into what happened. We broke it up in two parts. Some of the topics we cover include;

Part 1 is here

Part 2 is is this link.

Reactions of the crossing and how everyone heard;

A revelation from Derek about ANOTHER  potential story the media is looking into.

What the “deal” was to include and ended up including? Did Smith and Anderson get what they want

The WRP convention.

The bye-election

The possible orchestrator of the deal.

The current perception of the PC Party and Jim Prentice.

The current mood of the Wildrose Party.

When should we have an election?

Can the  so called “left” parties take advantage?

Is Prentice a good leader?

A debate about the need of Opposition. Can it be within caucus or an actual opposition?

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Agree or Disagree: Bill 10.

The last week, there was a big controversy and discussion about Bill 202.

If you are not sure what Bill 202 is, you can read it here.

Many people are actually quite supportive of the concepts of Gay-Straight Alliances. However, this bill is not universally supported. There were two major concerns of this specific Bill. One concern has been from religious schools. They feel that Gay-Straight Alliances are contradictory to their religious conviction. (I’m just sharing the facts, not giving a specific opinion here). The other was from some parents. Some parents felt that these alliances were infringing on how parents speak to their children.

Enter Bill 10.

Today, the PC Party tabled this Bill. You can read Bill 10 here.

Now, I can see from Social Media that this is going to go a particular way. However,let’s try to be constructive. With that, I’ll ask some questions.

What works with this Bill? (If you say  nothing, at least back it up)

What doesn’t work with this Bill? (I imagine this will be obvious)

However, perhaps this is the tougher question going forward

Is there an actual way to get religious schools, parents, and the LGBT community on the same page on this issue? I’m on record that I support Gay-Straight Alliances.It is very clear that these are supportive.  I think Bill 202 is the right step.I’m quite confused and perplexed as to why this can’t go forward. But obviously, we can’t . There are still concerns.

How can we actually deal with these issues?

Update on the post earlier today regarding the March for Jesus and Ric McIver

If you missed earlier today, I posted this blog/podcast on what happened with the March for Jesus.

You can listen to that here.

Since this post, lots has happened.

Ric Mciver posted this on his Facebook.

Now to be honest, McIver’s statement didn’t help him. It hindered him.

While he said he was a respecter of diversity, and he reminded people he had supported Sikhs, Muslims, and Jews, there is still questions by many how he can be involved with a group with a history and perception of hate.

Many are convinced his leadership aspirations for the PC Party are over. Some have also called for the PC Party to discipline McIver.

Both Thomas Lukaszak and Jim Prentice quickly distanced themselves from the group and expressed their support for equality.

Jonathan Denis MLA, who has been a supporter of Pawlowski, has demanded the March for Jesus apologize for their behaviour and words towards the LGBT community.

Now what is interesting is a conversation I have been having with a March for Jesus supporter named @CalgarySenate . You might know him as Larry Heather. He ran for Mayor in the last Civic Election.

He has been responding to every single tweet about the March for Jesus. I decided to ask him a question.

Who is Street Church and March for Jesus accountable too? Do they have a denomination they are affiliated too?

Turns out…..No!

The Reason. Well here are some Tweets from @CalgarySenate

In other words, because the church lacks courage and are “evangelical cowards” , they don’t need to be accountable?

Most churches, even para churches, have an accountability structure in place. It would be disconcerting there isn’t.

Just like this is.