Agree or Disagree: The Professional Sports World is more accepting of homosexuality.

Recently, I was thinking back to high school.

I remembered back to how the social structure went. There was categories. There was Bangers Preps, and Skaters. We also had Nerds and Geeks . My high school had a strong band contingent as we were well known for our band.

Depending on your opinion, the Bangers, Preps, Skaters, Nerds and Geeks were all different levels in the social structure. I’m sure no different then any other school. What seemed constant however was who was on top of the list.


The Athletes were beautiful. They were confident, well put together, smart. They made our school famous as they represented us in sports like football and basketball. Often wearing their jerseys before the “big game”, we would acknowledge and admire their efforts. We would cheer them on. They would nod and acknowledge you.

When they win championships, we would off course, celebrate them. There would also be pep rallies in which we would cheer and clap them to victory.

Obviously, this still happens. In school and also of course in a professional sports world. Other than actors, many professional athletes are some of the most famous people in the world. We have an expectation and an image of them that some might feel they must hold.

Yet for some, they have a secret they are not ready to share. The secret is that they might be gay.

Now, of course for you and I, that is debatable on whether or not that is a big deal. We have had that discussion before haven’t we? However, in the world of athletics, many feel uncomfortable. There has been times in the locker room when people have been called those names. You know those names we don’t need to mention them. For the athletes that are gay, the words no doubt cut deeper then we can imagine.

As we approach the Olympics in Sochi Russia, let’s not forget the law that has been discussed and protested.

Starting tonight, TSN is opening a discussion that many feel has been a long time coming. They are doing a three part series called ReOrientation. It discusses professional athletes and homosexuality. It discusses the culture around it. You can see the preview video to see if this interests you.

The question I bring forward is this. Do you perceive or do you have the knowledge to believe that there has been a change in culture in the professional sports world that an athlete can come out? Does it matter to you?

Or is your image different then that?

So, you want to “Stand for Truth”?

The above video is one of the many posts and comments that have been going around since Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty had his interview in GQ magazine.

It would seem that many are quite proud that according to this video, Piers Morgan was “schooled” by Bible Scholar Dr. Michael Brown when the question of what Jesus said about homosexuality.

Dr. Brown made three points. The first being that Jesus did not come to abolish the Torah, but to fulfill it. His second point is Matthew 15 points to all sexual acts outside of marriage. Third, Matthew 19 says that marriage is intended for a man and a woman.

Piers you got “schooled”.

A friend of mine posted this video in his Facebook page. A particularly confident person responded by asking if Piers Morgan was an atheist or a bigot, an intolerant and hater of Christ? He also didn’t know Piers well, but based on what he heard Piers was no Christian. Then he posted if we need Jesus to tell us sodomy is wrong.

So, I decided to ask him, as he clearly has a knowledge of what a Christian is this question.

Should a Christian be using the terms Pre-entitlement and Pre-welfare when it comes to black people?

You see, while many of you have been so proud of Phil Robertson “standing for truth” about homosexuals, he also said this about black people. Yet, strangely, you have been silent on this issue. As was that person I asked the question.

Perhaps he needs Jesus to tell him racism is wrong.

For years, I have heard many in the Christian church talk about the importance of standing for truth,or, standing for “Biblical Values”. They will open their Scriptures calmly to verses like Romans 2, 1 Corinthians 6, and Leviticus 18. They feel justified in their stand as they know God will judge them.

They forget that Jesus commanded us to love the Lord you God with all your heart and your neighbour as yourself. And that this commandment is not only in the New Testament, but in the Old Testament as well. That the term neighbour was never clearly defined by Jesus. We were just told to love them.

They feel they have an obligation to confront people on their lifestyle. Yet, you confront back, there suddenly is a silence.

They remind you that truth is offensive. I’ll let my former Youth Pastor Paul Burke respond to that by sharing what he posted on his Facebook wall.

Have you ever sat and talked to homosexuals about their experiences growing up? Have you heard about the bullying? Getting beat up? Literally living in fear for their life? Feeling that the best thing is to kill themselves because they are despicable human beings?

Have you heard about their experience in the church? Being told that homosexuality is an abomination? That they are hated by God and going to hell? Have you heard stories about pastors and elders sexually abusing them and then getting up on Sunday and once again riling against homosexuality?
Do you know people leading the charge against gay marriage , while knowing and being silent that their brother in law uses his position as an evangelical pastor to seduce men significantly younger then him? Under the guise of helping them, causing one young man such confusion and pain that his destructive lifestyle led to him getting AIDS.

Do you know gay people who attend church but are afraid to let anyone in the church know? Do you know pastors who hide the fact that they are gay?

Have you learned more about the practice of grace from your gay brother then you learned in the church?

Do you realize that their are people who will read this, who will cheer some tv reality guy on for ‘speaking the truth’ and will be upset at me for speaking truth.

I’ll be honest: I’m disappointed in Christianity today.

I'll be honest: I'm disappointed in Christianity today.

This is Phil Robertson. You know him from Duck Dynasty.

I don’t regularly watch the show. I have watched the show. It’s a good show and I understand why it’s popular.

I really don’t know Phil Robertson, but this is the sense I get of who he is. He shoots straight from the hip. He calls it as he sees it. You ask him a question and he will answer it.

That’s what Drew Magary did. He’s from GQ and he decided to interview Phil Robertson. He asked Phil a question about what is ailing America. This is what he said.

“Everything is blurred on what’s right and what’s wrong,” he says. “Sin becomes fine.”

What, in your mind, is sinful?

“Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men,” he says. Then he paraphrases Corinthians: “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers—they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.

You can read the entire article below.

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This and other things he said in the article led A&E to suspend him for these comments.

Now, the other sense I get is Phil Robertson doesn’t care. He feels that he is standing on the Word of God. Therefore, you cannot and will not change his mind.

Enter the Christian Church.

Boy, were they outraged today! Why? Because of the homeless in their city? Nope, not that!
Or,struggles some have had over finding employment and the difficulty at this time of year? Nope, not that! Children being bullied? Nope, not that either!

They were outraged because Phil was suspended for what he said.

They feel persecuted. They feel that their rights were violated. A man was banned because he READ A VERSE FROM THE BIBLE.

Here are some examples.

The Christian Post started a campaign today called #standwithphil. You can show your support by standing with Phil as he shares Biblical Values and Truth!

The comments on their Facebook were fantastic. Some were upset that homosexuality was “being forced on them.”

Another speaker named Matt Walsh wrote this in his blog.

If you don’t bring Phil back immediately, and publicly apologize to him and to his viewers for attempting to censor his Christian faith, Duck Dynasty will leave your network, find a new home, and all of those ratings will go somewhere else. Then you’ll be stuck with the stragglers who feel like spending a Saturday rubbernecking at mentally disturbed elderly women with compulsive hoarding addictions. That’s how this is going to play out. Congratulations.

Read that here

So, in other words, if you do not act like us, we won’t support you. In other words, instead of looking at a solution and an opportunity, they decide to get into a fight. They decide to act like victims.

They forget what it might be like for them to read comments where millions can read degrading who they are. They forget the real hurt and pain it causes. They forget the history of the people impacted, which by the way, were not only homosexuals mentioned.

Everyone else be damned! We are right! We have ALWAYS been right! We will ALWAYS be right!

Do you want to know what I think? I think this is an act of cowardice.

Harsh words? Yes, they are. But it’s really easy making your comments and standing for “truth” when you don’t actually have to face the people you attack. You have the safety of your forums, where you have the freedom to say what you want.

What’s courage? Stand up and saying NO! Say no to belittling people in the name of Jesus because you feel that the Bible gives you that privilege. Have real dialogue and understand what it is like to be one of “them”.

Be reconcilers. Be healers. Be people of love like the Bible commands you to do.

Stop acting like the group no one wants to be around. Who looks their nose down at anyone.

It’s disappointing.

Agree or Disagree: Homosexuality and Gay Marriage should make you “gag”.

Agree or Disagree: Homosexuality and Gay Marriage should make you “gag”.

This is a link from  a group called The Gospel Coalition. Their mandate is “Equipping the next generation for gospel-faithful ministry and promote church reform and culture transformation. “

Well, after reading this post, you might wonder what that exactly means.

This post was written by Thabiti  Anyabwhile. They just arrived from a trip to New Zealand where they recently celebrated one year of legalizing same sex marriage.

 As you read,it will be very clear what side of the debate he is on. It will also be very clear on which side might be winning. However, he has a theory of where his side can get some footing back.

He introduces the “yuck” factor.  What, you ask is the “yuck” factor? Let’s read Anyabwile’s explanation.

Consider how many times you’ve read the word “gay” or “homosexual” in this post without thinking about the actual behaviors those terms represent. “Gay” and “homosexual” are polite terms for an ugly practice. They are euphemisms. In all the politeness, we’ve actually stopped talking about the things that lie at the heart of the issue–sexual promiscuity of an abominable sort. I say “abominable” because that’s how God describes it in His word. I think we should describe sin (and righteousness) the way God does. And I think it would be a good thing if more people were gagging on the reality of the sexual behavior that is now becoming public law, protected, and even promoted in public schools.

So what are we talking about? (Warning: Obscene descriptions follow. If sensitive in conscience, skip the block quotes below and go to the conclusion)

We are talking about one man inserting the male organ used to create life into the part of another man used to excrete waste. We are talking about one man taking the penis of another man into his mouth, or engaging in penis-to-penis grinding.

We are talking about a woman using her mouth to stimilute the nipples, vulva, clitoris or vagina of another woman, or using her hand or other “toys” to simulate sexual intercourse.

We are talking about anilingus and other things I still cannot name or describe.

That sense of moral outrage you’re now likely feeling–either at the descriptions above or atme for writing them–that gut-wrenching, jaw-clenching, hand-over-your-mouth, “I feel dirty” moral outrage is the gag reflex. It’s what you quietly felt when you read “two men deep kissing” in the second paragraph. Your moral sensibilities have been provoked–and rightly so. That reflex triggered by an accurate description of homosexual behavior will be the beginning of the recovery of moral sense and sensibility when it comes to the so-called “gay marriage” debate.

Perhaps Anyabwile missed the parts of the debate where couples together for many years couldn’t share spousal benefits. Or, the part about those faithful couples who desired to stand before God in some way, couldn’t. Or, the simple fact that some love each other more than live itself. 

He might have also missed the parts about those that have lost their job because they were “gay”. And the parts about those that have been bullied, belittled and condemned because of their sexuality. Many to the point of dying by suicide.

Apparently, he thinks this whole debate is about a sexual preference. 

It’s posts like this that reminds us why many in the Christian community have been disqualified from participating in the conversation. Instead of acting like Jesus would with some kindness and compassion, we get a Christian masking his ignorance with Scripture.

It’s enough to make you gag.

Perhaps for clarity, we should listen to Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family say what this means.


Agree or Disagree: We honour and respect Free Speech

Agree or Disagree: We honour and respect Free Speech

I suspect that this picture causes an reaction to you.

Some of you will applaud this man. Some of you will not and be disgusted.

If you don’t know who the man is, his name is William Whatcott. He has been a part of a Supreme Court Case on Canada that these signs and others are considered “hate-speech”. One of the pamphlets stated that homosexuals are harmful to children.

His argument, and yes he has many that will agree with him is that it is his “right” and “freedom” to share this message. Above that, and many would agree with him, is that this is his Biblical and Christ like obligation. This is a quote from Walcott in an article in the National Post.

“I have to follow Christ first. What I have said is true. There’s not a sentence that I retract, so likely future fliers will be more of the same.”

The case is not the first of it’s kind in Canada. A few years ago there was court case about a Pastor in Red Deer posting a letter to the Editor about homosexuality. And in Calgary where I live, there has been a long standing controversy between Street Church and the City of Calgary that in part has to do with the signs they have.

Now, you will hear the argument for them and many supporters that this is a democracy. Some of the same people have argued that any restrictions on speech actually would ban some of the Bible. Therefore, there is a religious freedom point to their statement.

However, there is another side to this. An argument that goes beyond the point of freedom of speech, and freedom of expression. And it’s one that some of the supporters of Whitcott forget.

Many people are happy about the freedoms we enjoy. As a matter of fact, many have come to our countries from places that, have no freedoms. And while there is point of defence of free speech, there is a wonder what the real, not the stated, the real motivation behind what you are actually saying. What are you trying to accomplish?

Now they would argue that this is a country that has been founded on Christian or Biblical principles. That may be an argument for another time.

The question is do we honour and respect people’s right to Free Speech? Or are we easily offended and need restrictions?