Agree or Disagree: You would sign this petition supporting secondary suites in #yyc

There is a  very important vote going on at Calgary City Council this Monday. It is a vote to significantly improve the secondary suites process city-wide. Many people will agree that this process has been a long time coming.

Hence, why we have this petition. This is a petition you can sign to support secondary suites in Calgary. It is called We Support Secondary Suites. The site will give you some information on the issues. It will also link you to a couple of websites. I’ll include them here.

The first one is this. A link from the City of Calgary on Secondary Suites and their current guidelines.

The second one is here. It is an investigation on Secondary Suites in Calgary.

I will add one more article. This is a news story explaining some of the concerns around secondary suites.

After looking at this, would you sign the petition?

Agree or Disagree: We would end Homelessness, by giving Homeless homes

Agree or Disagree: We would end Homelessness, by giving Homeless homes

The above link is an interesting idea from Utah. 

 Since 2005,Utah decided to give the homeless homes. Studies showed that the costs for E.R visits and jail stays for homeless people was about $16,670 per person. Giving them an apartment and social worker costs $11,000. 

Apparently the idea has worked.  It has reduced homelessness by 78%. A huge step when your goal is to end homelessness by 2015. As a matter of fact, other states are adopting this idea.

But, do you really think this idea would work? It seems simple. As a matter or fact, there was a thought of this idea in Calgary. There were some concerns.

Do you think this works?