School starts Tomorrow!!!! Something you may not be aware about some students….

So I know this weekend, there has been a lot of conversations around Syrian refugees. And it is an important conversation that hopefully opens eyes and challenges hearts.

Now, we are focused on #peegate.

However, I would like to make you aware of something else.
School starts tomorrow. It is an exciting time for many as they are going forward to pursue an education to get a job. To contribute to society in some way. To feel better about themselves. To be better people.

The problem is as school starts tomorrow, there will be many students that will not have a place to stay. At our orientation Friday, several hands went up when asked who needs a place.

I understand that there are many issues surrounding this topic. Here are a couple;

If you call a potential and say you are a student, there is hesitation. If you say you are working, there is more openness to rent.

The cost of coming up with in some provinces, not all, of coming up with one month’s rent plus one month’s damage deposit.

You say live in a Hotel? The Y on Beatty and Robson costs $900 a month. Which being a student, is above my own personal price range.

I find it odd that in a country where we say that we value education, that we would allow students to be homeless. An unsettled student is going to be an disorganized student. A disorganized student will be an unsuccessful student.

We are better off with successful people doing what they are good at.

So be aware and educate yourself on the issues in Syria. If you need too, have a good laugh at #peegate or whatever scandal that comes up today.

But, maybe we can be a bit more aware that there are some Post Secondary Students that will start school living on the streets.

I’m not trying to make you feel guilty…. but about the homeless.

At the current moment of this writing, the current temperature is -26 in Calgary. With the windchill and other factors, it feels like -38.

In other words, it’s extremely cold. Quite likely, you are going to be staying in the comforts of your home. You will sit and relax and have something hot, and you will be warm, and you will be comfortable.

In many senses, you might feel fortunate. Because, there are many tonight that do not have that privilege.

I’m talking about the homeless. Imagine just for a moment, you do not have a place to call home. Struggling to find a comfortable place to rest. In this cold, that would be tough.  This leads to a higher risk of frostbite, hypothermia,and other health risks.

Well, there’s the Mustard Seed right? That’s an option for the homeless? Last night, they turned away about 15 people. In other words, the places and the options where they can go is limited.

I’m not trying to make you feel guilty. I’m trying to bring a perspective into a situation.

Do you remember during the floods the response from Calgarians supporting their neighbours in need? There was more volunteers then anyone imagined. People stepped out and they spoke out. We as a community stood up. We spoke through action, we spoke through social media, we offered homes and food.

Right now, some might say we are in the brink of an emergency. And the silence is deafening.

Argue what you want about how one got to where they are today. Today, they are there

Again, I’m not trying to make you feel guilty. However,  I think the time has come  to ask some questions.

In extreme cold situations like this, is there more  as a community that we can do to provide safe and warm shelter for the homeless? What do you think of the City of Calgary’s policies on this? Do they provide enough support? 

And one more question.

How can use Social Media as a tool for communication, share options of support for the homeless in these conditions.

I’m not trying to make you feel guilty. However, put yourself in their shoes. What would you want?

It’s the end of this writing. The current temperature is -26. It still feels like it’s -38. And it will only get colder.