Agree or Disagree: Society discourages you to be a Good Samaritan

I have happened to notice there has been a few incidents in the news that has reminded me of this story.


A few weeks ago in Edmonton, there was an incident on the LRT where a man was beaten to death by another passenger.  This was not a late night incident, but in the middle of the day in front of other passengers


There was also a story in the Calgary Herald about several youth attacking someone on the C-train. Again not at night, but in the middle of the day.


It would be really easy to ask why people are not quickly responding. In the case of Edmonton, there was some who did. But in the other sense, the problem is you don’t know what someone is carrying a weapon or something else.


There have also been cases where people have been taken advantage of for being a Good Samaritan.For example,  cases of giving money to someone who is pretending to be poor. Or other similar scams.


You probably are aware of the story of the Good Samaritan. If not, you can reads it in the book of Luke Chapter 10 Verses 25-37