Agree or Disagree: Israel handling of Palestine. And should the USA Step in

This book has a lot of pages with many chapters. And we have new chapters that have been written recently. 

Depending on which version of the book you read, you get a different perdpective. As a matter of fact some have argued that their “Book” tells them to support Israel has they are the chosen people.

There are others that would argue that the way the Palestinians have been treated is very sad. and unacceptable. That they are people who simply want to live on a land that they also feel their “Book” has told was theirs.

Both sides feel justified in their stance. There are so many reasons for this. But the problem is there is so many innocent people losing their life. If they are not dead, their live conditions are horrible enough.

I really liked Donald Miller wrote after his recent trip. You can read this here.

The questions I bring up is this.

Is there someone that is “right” here?

And is it time for the US, or others to step in.