Agree or Disagree: Restaurants should get exemptions from minimum wages.

We have had many discussions about this.

Some of you love the idea of raising the minimum wage.

Some of you do not.

The current minimum wage is $10.20, which is one of the lowest in Canada. However, the restaurant industry is anticipating some concerns with the coming raises. As such, they want an exemption from the minimum wage.

In the story below, this is a quote from Mark von Schellwitz, who is a Restaurants Canada  spokesman, is quoted as saying this;

We have certainly heard from a number of our members over the last few weeks who are extremely concerned about surviving this increase, especially in an economic climate where they are already seeing their sales decline because of the downturn,” he said Wednesday.

“We are asking them (the NDP government) to adjust that promise and let’s take this one step at a time, one year at a time.

You can read the story here.

What the restaurants industry is looking for is the option to pay a servers who earn tips and young people who are in their first jobs less.

As a little fun fact here is the minimum wage across Canada.

Do you Agree or Disagree that the restaurant industry should get an exemption from minimum wages?

Agree or Disagree: Health Care Premiums

If you missed Jim Prentice’s Alberta Address, you can listen to it here.

As always, there were a number of different thoughts from this. However, there were 2 main ones.

1) #loggerstobloggers trended a bit last night on Twitter.

2) Health Care Premiums.

After this speech, there was a lot of conversation around the possible reinstatement of health care premiums in Alberta. Health Care Premiums were suspended in 2009.

For a further information. I will link this article from the Globe and Mail  which looks at some possibilities of what this might look like.

But, what do you think? Do you Agree or Disagree with Health Care Premiums?

Agree or Disagree: You are worried about the Canadian economy.

It’s been a tough week this week in the economy. Actually, it’s been a tough start to 2015.

Let’s review this week’s news.

-Oil prices are at about $48 dollars a barrel.

-Suncor cut 1,000 jobs taking $1 billion in their budget.

-Target announced they will be closing their stores in Canada.

Many will be impacted, as well as feel impacted by what has happened. There are many different conversations, including one on the concept of a sales tax in Alberta.

The question I have for you is this. Are you worried about the current state of the Canadian economy? What is worrying you? If you are not worried, why not?

Agree or Disagree: The Podcast-Homelessness and Unemployment is a choice

Agree or Disagree: The Podcast-Homelessness and Unemployment is a choice

Kali Readwin, @KaliRS, Cory Chapdelaine, @88Styles and I discuss if homeless and unemployment is a choice.

Topics include,
Perceptions of Homelessness
Perceptions of Unemployment

Is it realistic in Calgary to be homelessness and unemployment?
The conversations missing around homelessness and unemployment.
Kali’s unique journey she is going to embark in October.
Does Cory and Kali think homelessness and unemployment is a choice?

The story of Tim Barber and the relaunch of a concept of @TimmysOnly

How you can place orders for @TimmysOnly

Do you think homelessness and unemployment are a choice?

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Agree or Disagree: You are living within your means.

Agree or Disagree: You are living within your means.

You might not be aware, but I am an avid people watcher. Some who know me might consider me a social butterfly. But there are times I can just sit back in the crowd, particularly in bigger crowds, and just observe.

Those observations lead to make some thoughts. 

Recently, I was involved in a conversation surrounding budgeting. Which tools to use when budgeting, best practices surrounding budgeting. And why or why not people don’t do it.

This led to think about a common practice that we all do within our culture. We go out to eat and drink. Tomorrow, you might be going out for some after work drinks with your friends. Or, some of you will go to church on Saturday or Sunday. Quite likely after church, you, your family and your friends will be going out to eat.

Last Sunday, we as is tradition, head off to a local pub in Calgary. Our church has established a relationship with the pub and it is where we generally go. Last Sunday, I did a quick count on how many people were sitting around tables from our group. I estimated about 75 people. I then guessed an average on how much people actually spent. I guessed $20.00 as a high estimate. Including tip which I assume happens.

I totaled this amount that was spent and please keep in mind this an estimate not an exact science, as $1,350.00. 

Now, I started thinking about the amount of money that was spent eating out.  I think this is an astronomical amount.

According to Statistics Canada in 2012, Canadians under 30 are more likely to eat out then seniors. As a general rule, Canadians eat out much more then eat at home.  So if you multiply the $20-$40 dollars a week by 4 and then by 12, you are looking at about $1,000-$2,000 a year  and in some cases more, just on going out.

There’s other things to consider too. Clothes spent. Some want to have the latest fashion which costs money. Then of course, you need a car. Maybe you want a cool one. Then, normal expenses, like rent or mortgage. And after a certain age, it just looks weird that you rent, so you think I should buy a house.

If you are honest, and I can relate, there have been times I’ve done stuff I can’t afford. I’ve been fortunate there has been credit cards and layaway plans available to live the life I feel entitled too.

But, the truth is as you can see in the article up top,it has led all of us in a habit of massive consumer debt of $500. 8 billion dollars.

I hope this doesn’t come across as a lecture. I’m in the same bad habits or worse then most of you. It gave me something to think about when I spend.

I thought I would end it with this video. Remember the Cosby Show?