Agree or Disagree: Calgary should have a 24 hour downtown

It may seem like an odd thought. After all, Calgary’s downtown is very quiet.  Other than the Stampede, or an occasional Flames playoff run, it seems like people go and work downtown and generally head home.

But what if, and it’s a big what if, Calgary looked at an 24 hour downtown.  Like Montreal did, for example.

Last week, The Quebec government partnered with the City of Montreal bestow some specific neighbourhoods 24 hour access. Which means in a nutshell, if your business is in those areas, you can have your store open for 24 hours.

You can read the story here.

Now let’s imagine for a moment areas like 17th Ave SW had this access. Or, Stephen Avenue. Would you support that?

Would that help to revive downtown Calgary?

Do you Agree or Disagree with a 24 hour downtown?

Agree or Disagree: Canada racism problem is worse than America’s

This article is from Maclean’s Magazine. It suggests that Canada’s racism is worse than the America’s.

Now in an instant, this might stun you. I mean we Canadians are so…..tolerant. But the article shows an interesting comparison between how Canada treats Aboriginal Canadians and how America treats African-Americans. In all areas, the Aboriginal population suffers a worse fate than African Americans. You can read the comparisons in the article and you might be surprised.

There is a bunch more on this that you will read and reflect on.

But first of all, do you think Agree or Disagree that Canada has a racism problem?

And second, do you see it as worse than America’s?

Agree or Disagree: Calgary has a strong sense of community.


This week, I’m the curator of @peopleofYYC account. So, there may be some new readers we introduce to the Agree or Disagree concept.

This week, we will be focusing on the things going on the City of Calgary.

The first one we will discuss is Calgary’s sense of community.

Personally, I was one that believes that although people would come to Calgary to work, I perceived that people had trouble calling Calgary “home”.

That was until June 19, 2013.

That was the  flood. You remember it. How can you forget it? We saw people all over the city support those who were affected by the flood. Remember this?


The large amount of volunteers prepared to help the city recover.

That was when there was I saw a strong sense of community come through. Neighbour invited other neighbours over. Stranger helped out strangers rebuild. People cooked food for blocks of their new friends.

This is where I saw Calgary become a “home”. A place to lay roots. And the city feels different. Less individualistic. More community orientated.

However, that is just my perspective. You might see something different. So, here are some questions for you.

Do you Agree or Disagree that Calgary has a strong sense of community? Why or why not?

Where do you see Calgary’s community the strongest?

Where do you see an area where Calgary can grow in community?

Agree or Disagree: It’s easy to volunteer in #yyc


If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the latest Agree or Disagree: The Podcast, you can listen to it here.

The topic we discussed was Kids Up Front. A charity here in Calgary.   Nicky and I had a brief discussion about opportunities to volunteer in the city.

Nicky pointed out that if you are on Social Media, it is easy to be aware of causes in the city. Causes like Kids Up Front. However, if you are not on Social Media (Spoiler: There are people not on Social Media), how are you aware of who needs volunteers or for that matter, where to volunteer?

Also, how do organizations promote their story to attract volunteers to their organization? And keep them?

What are your thoughts?

Agree or Disagree: The Podcast-The Roundtable

Steven Britton, Agatha Smykot, Tina Dawson join me on the Roundtable. The Roundtable is where we discuss a variety of topics.

The topics we discuss include:

The incident in Ottawa.

-Defining Terrorism

-Did Canada really change?

-The media coverage

– The reaction to Harper “in the closet” during the incident

Jian Ghomeshi;

-The reaction online and off

-The struggles that victims have coming forward.

-Is there a way we can be more supportive to victims?

Selling of Poppies and Christmas Shopping;

-Is it fair to expect stores to start advertising Christmas shopping on November 12?

-Is is disrespectful to Veterans that people don’t?

Should jobless University Grads work for free?

-The current job market

-The importance of selecting a degree that has a high chance of employment

-Why it’s not always bad to work a “McJob?

Listen to the Podcast here.

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Agree or Disagree: The Podcast-A perspective of homelessness-Robyn Moser

Robyn Moser discusses her perspective on homelessness. Topics include.

Is homelessness a choice?

A definition of homelessness.

Options for homelessness in Calgary.

Response to homelessness in Calgary.

Supports for family and those who could be homeless.

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Agree or Disagree: You would be ok with a housing project for the homeless project in your neighbourhood.

Agree or Disagree: You would be ok with a housing project for the homeless project in your neighbourhood.

Some of you might remember that I spent some time last Saturday called Survival of the Weakest. It was a conference discussing how to deal with some of the people that have had some struggles in life and our approach to it as Christians. And as well, perhaps as humans. I’ll talk more about this in the coming week or so and expand on it as with some other Agree or Disagree posts.

I posted some of the things I learned  from the conference on Facebook and Twitter. The one that seemed to get some outward reaction was the comment about the amount of so called 1%ers that live in Calgary. In Calgary, we have statistics that say we have the highest of 1% wage earners in Canada. We also discussed a bit about the difference between the rich and the poor. My point in that particular discussion was there is some opportunities to uniquely contribute in the city. That may be financially, but it can be in other ways as well. 

Now, I would like to move the scene up north to our friends in Edmonton. There was a project called the Terwillegar Towne project. It was basically a project to house people who were homeless. It’s a 60-unit structure on vacant land on 156th St which is on the southwest part of Edmonton. The community reacted very negatively to this project in their area. They site safety issues and lower property values as their reasons. Anglican Bishop Jane Alexander was shocked by the reaction.

You might be asking how a conference Survival of the Weakest and a homeless project in southwest Edmonton can be combined together?

It’s easy to get into rooms and discuss how to help others. At the conference, we heard inspirational stories about how people are making an impact. You feel energized and excited. However, sometimes when the reality of the so called “less fortunate” come to your area, perhaps the delivery is lacking. This is not to blame this community, because I think many communities would have said no to this. 

So, the questions tonight I bring to you is this. One is easy, the second might push your button.

Would you support a housing project for the homeless in your community?  Why or why not?

Do you think our culture wants to actually help the homeless?