Agree or Disagree: Canadians stores adopting Black Friday.

“I still believe in the Holy Trinity, except now it’s Target, Trader Joe’s, and IKEA.” 
― Jen Lancaster

Yesterday was American Thanksgiving.

Today is Black Friday in the States. A time in the United States where the best shopping deals are made. A time where people get up earrrlllyyy to get in line to make sure they get the best deals. A time where quite frankly, places like Walmart, Target and many more companies ensure that you come to them and but their product.

While the deals started in America, many Canadians head down and join in the Black Friday festivities. Except now, things are a little different.

Many stores in Canada have decided to adopt the Black Friday model here.  With what it appears, some success. 

This is the link to the National Post story on Black Friday. They estimate that 47% of Canadians will participate in Black Friday in Canada. 

Now, while some are excited and open to this, there are also some Canadians that are not. The reason is that we have Boxing Day here in Canada which the is the day after Christmas. We have our own holidays and identity and we don’t need to adopt an American holiday.

Is this a big deal? Is it just a clever marketing play by stores because they know people will buy in? 

Or, is this something that bothers you? A loss of Canadian identity