About The Son of God




  You might have heard that there is a movie called Son of God. It’s being released February 28.


 It’s a movie about Jesus and you know who is excited? 


 Pastors Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Craig Goeschel, Miles Mcpherson, and Ray Johnston. Also, Archbishop Jose Gomez is too!


They are so excited that they have decided that on February 27, the day before opening night, to take over multiplex theatres in their city. The purpose is that they will be distributing tickets for people to see it. How many? Glad you asked. 


According to an article written on the Christian Post, here are some numbers for you.


  • Joel Osteen (Lakewood Church) – Houston, Texas – Distributing 8,000 tickets from an anonymous donor
  • Craig Groeschel (LifeChurch) – Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma – 18 Campuses. Weekly attendance of 60,000 and Bible application with over 100 million downloads
  • Archbishop José Gomez (Archdiocese of Los Angeles) – Over 4 million members
  • Miles McPherson (Rock Church) – San Diego, Calif. – Weekly attendance of over 10,000
  • Unpolished Entrepreneurs Group (Crossroads Church) – Cincinnati, Ohio – Weekly attendance of over 10,000
  • Jerry Falwell, Jr. (Liberty University) – Lynchburg, Va. – Over 12,000 students
  • Ray Johnston (Bayside Church) – Sacramento – Weekly attendance of over 10,000


It is interesting to note that Crossroads Church have estimated that booking a one night event cost $33,600. If we use this number and we multiply it by 7 churches involved in booking these Multiplex Theatres here is the total.

$235,200. This would be for one night of booking. $235,200


 It’s interesting to think about that number. Then it is interesting to think about how many people walking or driving to see this movie, will go by some of the “least of thees” that the Son of God talks about.


Yesterday, I took some heat and criticism for, well criticizing this idea. Someone suggested that I was “fighting the Body of Christ”.  I’m not trying to fight, I’m trying to bring in a perspective. 


Think about this. At the drop of a hat, 10 churches dropped $235,200 for ONE DAY at a theatre. What if this money was used differently? What if instead of spending this money this way, one person took another person for a coffee and had a real conversation about the Son of God. Or, maybe instead of booking a theatre where people can sit and watch a movie, you send people out to places in your community that need support.


You might argue that churches already do that. I agree with that. But you know what, I need to say this and it may sound harsh.


People are REALLY  tired of the same old,same old approach to the Son of God over and over again.  A picture with a handsome, white Jesus with eyes like stars, and sultry, sexy (oops said sexy) voice. People know who Jesus is, and they know this is not it. And quite frankly, many would question if this  is “What Jesus Would Do”.


Sometimes I think some Christians think Non-Christians can’t read.


People know about the Son of God They also know the stories. They know the story about feeding the 5,000 with 5 loaves and two fish. They also remember the story about Jesus turning the tables in the temple. Calling out “The house of God has been turned into a den of thieves!”


Based on that, some might wonder if spending $245,000 for a one night bash is really something Jesus would endorse.


They also know who the Son of God was. The type of person He was. They know He was genuine. They know He was approachable. They know He was sincere. They know He was willing to talk. Really talk.

And they don’t see the slick advertising, smooth talking, sharp dressing, events something that the Son of God would be a part of.


Others may wonder if some churches combined in their efforts of $235, 200 for more than a one night event, what a positive impact that can REALLY  be to communities in need. They imagine if for a moment how that can help some of the really needy in their own community. Spending $235,200 may lead to cynically ask what the churches real motivation is? And the current conclusions in peoples heads are not very flattering.


It’s tiring and it what is turning people off from main stream Christianity. Non-believers and frankly believers alike. They are tired of the fear mongering, superior acting Christians. They are tired of the bombarding of Multiplexes, spontaneous baptism, colouring books,and snake biting pastors. They are tired of the circus act.


They just want a real conversation about the Son of God. And they want the representatives to simply act like Him.

Can’t we just give them that?