Agree or Disagree: Angus Jones is getting bad advice

You may or may not have heard of Angus T. Jones before Monday.

He’s the “half” of the Two and a Half Men. This video is Part 2 of a video that he posted of his testimony of how he became a Christian.

At the 8:00 minute point of this, he starts talking about the negative impact of TV. This will include the statement that the show Two and a Half Men is “filth”.

For those who have seen the show, it certainly is not for the faint of heart. In an interview on the Actors Studio years ago,Charlie Sheen admitted they were able to push the boundaries.

But as much as the focus is on Jones future on the show, there is some interesting language in this video.

First, Jones talks about “taking a stand” for Jesus. He talks about compromise. He talks about not being a lukewarm Christian. He speaks of righteousness.

Now, the person on the right is an interesting person. He calls himself the Forerunner. Now here is a video of this guy.

And the website.

I’m not sure what I think of him and his motivations.No matter what you think of this guy, I would not underestimate him. First, he was able to get a celebrity to convert, That gets him some notoriety in some circles. As well as some instant attention. Based on his appearance in Jones video, I’m guessing as much as he is saying that the glory goes to God, he is in the video.

The second thing is Angus Jones is 19 years old. This is significant. Why? There are church studies that say that if you are not able to convert someone to Christianity by the age of 21, then quite likely they won’t. So, here’s a guy that was able to disciple a well known young person, which can influence other young people.

Third, when is the last time there has been any public conversation about the Seventh-Day Adventist. It has been pretty rare. But this week, we will likely be doing some research on it.

So, the question comes down to is this. If you have a young son or daughter that is youth group age. They come home and talk about a guy like the Forerunner. What would your advice be? And what do you think of Angus Jones?