Agree or Disagree: Canada racism problem is worse than America’s

This article is from Maclean’s Magazine. It suggests that Canada’s racism is worse than the America’s.

Now in an instant, this might stun you. I mean we Canadians are so…..tolerant. But the article shows an interesting comparison between how Canada treats Aboriginal Canadians and how America treats African-Americans. In all areas, the Aboriginal population suffers a worse fate than African Americans. You can read the comparisons in the article and you might be surprised.

There is a bunch more on this that you will read and reflect on.

But first of all, do you think Agree or Disagree that Canada has a racism problem?

And second, do you see it as worse than America’s?

Agree or Disagree: Canadians are friendly travellers.


This is inspired by a from a post from an American.

This American suggested that some of her fellow country mates were acted in a  very inappropriate matter in a resort in Mexico.

She signed “today I claimed I was a Canadian”.

What was interesting is we Canadians came to her defence. Some Americans on the post felt defensive.  However, we Canadians became somewhat proud of  our friendly travelling reputation.

But is it true? Are we Canadians friendly travellers?

This is one perspective from a Canadian travelling.

What do you think? Do you Agree or Disagree that Canadians are friendly travellers?

Agree or Disagree: #SochiProblems is more of an embarrassment for America than it is for Russia

Agree or Disagree: #SochiProblems is more of an embarrassment for America than it is for Russia

When we first began discussing the Olympics in Sochi, #SochiProblems was trending on Twitter.   We were seeing pictures of bathrooms and small beds. We saw dirt in water and debris in hotels. People are following @SochiProblems. As a matter of fact, they have 410,000 followers.

The issue when this began was this was an embarrassment to Russia. However,as the policymic article is mentioning, this might be more of an embarrassment  to America, then it is to Russia. The reason is because of the way many have mocked the Russians.  Mocking how they live, and mocking who the Russians are without a true understanding of life there.  It’s becoming telling of the type of people we are, as opposed to the type of people Russians.

This article is from 2012, but this might be an interesting read on who the middle class is in Russia. Point being, perhaps some people may not understand how it is to live in Russia.

Now, I’m currently reading the @SochiProblems Twitter feed. Based on what I’m seeing, they may not have as much to complain about as they hope. Here is the latest tweet from @SochiProblems:

It might speak to who is more embarassed.

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Agree or Disagree: The Trayvon Martin decision is a sign that there is really “Two Americas”

Agree or Disagree: The Trayvon Martin decision is a sign that there is really “Two Americas”

Although, I have seen lots,I myself haven’t really been able to contribute to the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman discussion.

I thought I would share you this article from a guy who I happen to have a lot of respect for. He has been one of the more thoughtful contributors to US Christianity. I know that there are many that disagree with him, but I do like what Brian Mclaren says in the article attached. I submit this portion of this that I think brings something to light.

Jesus said that true justice exceeds that of “the scribes and Pharisees” – and the same could be said of the prosecution and defense. Legal justice seeks only to assign guilt or innocence. Holistic justice works for the life, liberty, and well-being of all. And it especially works for reconciliation between the two Americas that can be identified by their reaction to the case.

One America now has more reason to believe that their sons can be presumed guilty until proven innocent without a reasonable doubt when they’re walking down the street armed only with Skittles and an iced tea.

The other America now has more reason to believe that they can get away with murder, or something close to it, as long as the victim is young and black and wearing a hoodie.

I didn”t know Trayvon Martin. I also don’t know George Zimmerman. I do wonder if this trial is evidence that we are seeing two different America’s. An America that is divided by their own political ambitions.

Or, if possible we can lean towards what Mclaren calls an “Emerging America”. He describes it like this.


Members of both Americas are coming together to form an emerging America that wants something better for all Americans. That emerging America wants us to deal deeply and honestly with our largely untreated, unacknowledged American original sin: a cocktail of white privilege, manifest destiny, and racism – in both its personal and institutional forms.

What do you think?  Will the Trayvon Martin trial lead to more decision? Or a hope of coming together?