Agree or Disagree: Bill 10.

The last week, there was a big controversy and discussion about Bill 202.

If you are not sure what Bill 202 is, you can read it here.

Many people are actually quite supportive of the concepts of Gay-Straight Alliances. However, this bill is not universally supported. There were two major concerns of this specific Bill. One concern has been from religious schools. They feel that Gay-Straight Alliances are contradictory to their religious conviction. (I’m just sharing the facts, not giving a specific opinion here). The other was from some parents. Some parents felt that these alliances were infringing on how parents speak to their children.

Enter Bill 10.

Today, the PC Party tabled this Bill. You can read Bill 10 here.

Now, I can see from Social Media that this is going to go a particular way. However,let’s try to be constructive. With that, I’ll ask some questions.

What works with this Bill? (If you say  nothing, at least back it up)

What doesn’t work with this Bill? (I imagine this will be obvious)

However, perhaps this is the tougher question going forward

Is there an actual way to get religious schools, parents, and the LGBT community on the same page on this issue? I’m on record that I support Gay-Straight Alliances.It is very clear that these are supportive.  I think Bill 202 is the right step.I’m quite confused and perplexed as to why this can’t go forward. But obviously, we can’t . There are still concerns.

How can we actually deal with these issues?


Agree or Disagree: The Podcast-My Interview with Craig Chandler


Craig Chandler.

The name, without question, will cause a reaction. Some will react positively. Some will not.

He is in the news because he is seeking the nomination for the PC Party for Calgary Shaw.

This interview is in his own words and his perspective.  I sat down with him for an interview.

Below is Part 1.

Topics include.

Who is Craig Chandler in his own words?

Why is he seeking the nomination?

The current state of the  AlbertaPC Party

What the new leader of the Alberta PC Party should be like?

Is he running for leadership?

You can listen to that below

Part 2

We take some of the questions from people I asked on Facebook. 

Those include

Comments attributed to him about abortion, homosexuality, and evolution.

Can he work with people who disagree with him?

His perception on Danielle Smith and the Wildrose Party including a recent Twitter discussion between Smith and Chandler

Is he taking someone out for lunch?

Listen to that here.

Thank you Craig for the opportunity to interview you.

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