Agree or Disagree: It is what it is


This is a phrase some use when things aren’t exactly going they way that they should.  And they realize that things are not going to change. So they decide to “accept it and move on.”

But do you like this saying. Do you think “It is what it is” a good phrase to use in tough times?

I’ll be honest: I’m tired of this repeated, irrelevant behaviour from Christianity. But,there’s hope.


I have never met Rob and Kristin Bell. I have enjoyed some of his books and his videos. I find Rob’s approach to Christianity refreshing He likes to question, challenge and make people think.  Not only that, he strikes me that he has an optimistic view on live. I imagine Kristin is the same.

I imagine that it was this behaviour that led him and Kristin’s interview to reflect these statements in their interview with Oprah Winfrey.

One of the oldest aches in the bones of humanity is loneliness. Loneliness is not good for the world. Whoever you are, gay or straight, it is totally normal, natural and healthy to want someone to go through life with. It’s central to our humanity. We want someone to go on the journey with.”

Rob Bell

Oprah Winfrey asked, “When is the Church going to get that?”

Rob Bell said: “Lots of people are already there. We think it’s inevitable and we’re moments away from the church accepting it.””I think culture is already there and the Church will continue to be even more irrelevant when it quotes letters from 2,000 years ago as their best defense, when you have in front of you flesh-and-blood people who are your brothers and sisters, and aunts and uncles, and co-workers and neighbours, and they love each other and just want to go through life with someone.”

With that, the internet exploded.

Perhaps it was Kristin’s pragmatism that had her state this.

“I think there are a lot of people who as they see culture moving, their response is to dig in deeper and hold their ground.”

Was she ever right.

In one of many articles from the Christian newspaper world, Christianity was, quite frankly, disappointingly predictably, up in arms by the above comments from Rob and Kristin Bell. That the church is “moments” way from embracing the idea of same sex marriages.

Click here for one example.

Christians over the internet have proclaiming the end is near with this statement. They have proclaimed their place and reminded you who belongs and who does not in their church. And reminded you again that if you are one of “those”, you will not be included in God’s church. There may be some that accepts “them”. But they are not really one of “us”. They aren’t the “Biblical” church.

Biblical. Interesting word.

Here are some of the “Biblical” tweets and Facebook comments I have read today.  Read them, and take a moment to read some Biblical responses to them.

“Why don’t Christians realize that Rob Bell walked away from Christianity a long time ago and thus it doesn’t matter what he says to Oprah?”

Judge not, lest you be judged Jesus said

Former “Pastor” Rob Bell Goes Full Blown Apostasy – Says the Church Should Embrace What God Calls An Abomination.

“Love your neighbours” Jesus said

Rob Bell, village idiot, global false teacher.

“Love your enemies” Jesus said.

And as a reminder, who can forget when certain Christian leaders, subtly or blatantly, depending on your perspective, encouraged  people to stop feeding children in third world because World Vision was willing to hire people in same sex marriage. One even bid them “farewell”. They cancelled sponsorships in droves.

“Feed my sheep” Jesus said

“Truly, I tell you whatever you did not do for the least of these, you did not do for me” Jesus said.

You can attempt to translate and twist them however way you want. But the response from Jesus is straight forward.

Meanwhile, while you continue to scream “abomination” from your moral superior  and privileged porch, it is noticed that you refuse to align with “them’. You refuse to bake cakes for “them”. You ignore homeless, bullied and even suicidal kids that you refuse and reject from your church.

It is noticed that you think that you are better than “them”

Your catcalls, insults,and condescending behaviour is becoming irrelevant. Your us vs them approach is irrelevant

What is relevant is what has been relevant all along. People.  People of all shapes and perspectives working together to strengthen our village. Our community.  Realizing we don’t have all the answers, but questions on how everything works in this world. Instead of us vs them, it’s simply us.

Working together to fix the oldest ache in humanity’s bones. Loneliness.

Agree or Disagree: Low Income people are considered less intelligent

From time to time I get requests to do an  Agree or Disagree topic. This is one of those times.

The person who submitted had an interesting experience. On the Olds Buy and Sell Facebook Page it said this;

“ISO: free dictionaries. This Christmas season I would like to collect dictionaries to give away to low income families in hopes that it might better them and that they will be able to secure better jobs enabling them afford luxuries in life without handouts. Please message me with any free dictionaries you may have. Also, self help books on the subject of helping yourself succeed would also be appreciated.

The person was offended. I’m going to let you read their perspective that they messaged me.

There is a fb page up here thats a buy and sell. And with over 10k members it gets used as a quick way to get info out and ask for help on many things.

The post that I sent you ended up causing a lot of anger and hurt feelings for what it implied. For me personally and others that are low income to imply that a dictionary and a self help book is all that separates us from having a high paying job and to buy luxuries in life without a hand out to do it blows my mind.

I am college educated and worked white collar jobs until I got sick and had a stroke at the age of 35. I had my first job at age 13. So I’m on AISH and that wasn’t easy. I had to fight to get it in first place and second it was a huge blow to my ego that boom thats it no more work. My body and health control every aspect of my life. Would I love to be out there working a 40 hour week bitching about my job absolutely. But reality is i cant so instead on the days I’m able to i volunteer. I have a full life and everything i need. One of The big thing i learned is that its not luxury items that make my life worthwhile or have meaning. By not being able to afford the luxury items or going on lavish holidays and eating in posh restaurants I’ve learned that as nice as all that would be it doesn’t define me. It’s other people who have without knowing me decided to define me by their expectations of what success and value are.

So for someone to say my life isn’t full and I need a dictionary and self help book to achieve that shows a complete lack of knowledge of what life is like on government funding. To assume that every low income person is uneducated, can’t understand language or vocabulary and is unmotivated is ridiculous. I knew a man who fled with his family from El Salvador that was an engineer that ended up working in a parking lot. That man had more knowledge in his pinky then most people.

If people really want to help low income people there are much better less insulting ways to go about it. Its the age old argument for having affordable housing, daycare, education, jobs that pay a living salary. It’s just another form of stereotyping and ignorance.

Then there are the few people that everyone hears about or a friend of a friend knows thats using AISH or EI fraudulently. Those are the ones that the rest of us are judged by. I can understand coming home from a long hard day at work and seeing someone who you know is low income carrying a case of beer and a carton of smokes and just being pissed off that there goes your hard earned taxes at work. I for one would 100% support a caveat that if you are on government funding you automatically have to go for random drug and alcohol tests for the length of time your taking tax payers money. If you fail that’s it you lose your funding. Is it harsh..yes.. But I think it would be fair. That money should not be there for those uses. It’s there to help you live and provide the necessities of life not to pay for your habits. Some people would say the government has no right to tell me what I can and can’t do with my money. I think that changes once you start taking and living off of tax payers money. I think it would be one way to curtail misuse of the money and for those with addiction problems to maybe get help. But that’s a million discussions all wrapped up in one very hot topic.

Going back to that post that started all my ramblings haha. There are more programs out there to help, educate, support then you can shake a stick at. Low income people don’t need dictionaries and self help books they need a little understanding. Just because a person doesn’t look sick doesn’t mean that its not taking all their energy just to be there. Or because they don’t use huge words that they are illiterate. Or because they work a blue collar job or can’t work that they don’t have the knowledge and skills to do something else. I don’t care what color your collar is I care about the person wearing it. Ahhh I could go on for days about how trying to pigeon hole people is such a ridiculous thing to do. We all have our stories and how we got to be where we are today. We all have dreams for a perfect life as we see it. My dream as a little girl sure wasn’t to be unable to work, sick and have a brain injury. My fairy tale didn’t come true so I just had to rewrite it and keep fighting everyday with what I do have to make the best of what I have.

I know what you have to say and the topics you talk about can bring up some very heated debates. I also know that one voice can be the start of change. My hope is that your voice and opening this whole topic of hot buttons for people will spark some honest open discussions about this and be the start of breaking down peoples misconceptions of what a person on low income life’s really about. I think some people might be surprised by what they learn from others on low income and some might be surprised by why or where their opinions of low income stems from. I welcome hard discussions there is always something new to learn from other people’s journeys.

I’m going to step off my soap box now lol. Thanks for listening.

What do you think?

Sorry Matt Walsh, but you are wrong. There is no double standard against Christians.

 don’t have much. I have a small apartment. I don’t own a vehicle. But, I considered myself privileged.




 First of all,Because I’m a Christian.


As a Christian, I get to experience some special things.


I can pray and read the Bible in public.


I can wear a shirt with a Bible verse on it.


My “Christian” holidays are honoured.


I’m also not hired or fired based on my faith.


I’m also privileged because I’m a heterosexual male.




Because I can get married anywhere at anytime.


I can hold hands with my girlfriend or wife if I had one.


I have benefits if I want I can support my wife and family. I never have to fight for it. They are given too me if I’m married.


If I choose, I can adopt children.


I’m not rejected because of my sexuality.


Speaking of sexuality, let’s talk about that. Actually, let’s start by talking about Matt Walsh. You know, the Matt Walsh who thinks he’s funny. The Matt Walsh who’s a hipster. The Matt Walsh that apparently speaks for the conservative movement. The Matt Walsh who is a Christian. The Matt Walsh that thinks he is always right.


Well, he’s wrong.


What about?


Well, for this we need to have a conversation about sexuality, religion and football.

For this we need to tell the story of Michael Sam.


For those who do not know who Michael Sam is, he is a Defensive Lineman. He attended the University of Missouri. He’s big and tough. He’s talented. He was good enough to be the SEC Defensive Player of the Year. If you know anything about college football. you know that is the best College Football in the United States.


As an aside, he’s gay. He announced it on ESPN on February 9. While there was many who supported him, there was the usual cast of opponents. Westboro Baptist Church and other organizations expressed their opposition. To both Sam and the University of Missouri.


Last weekend Michael Sam had a special moment. The moment many football players dream of all their life. He got drafted in the NFL. Now, he was the second last player picked in the draft, but he was picked in the draft.


Why is this a landmark moment? Because he is the first openly gay football drafted in the NFL. This got coverage everywhere. Including a video of the call that he was drafted. When he was drafted, there was video of him crying. His boyfriend shared a kiss on national TV.  A kiss where most of us heterosexual can share with no issue. But a kiss that got a reaction.


 Now, Sam has got some attention and has been embraced. He received an endorsement deal. He is also getting a reality show on the Oprah network. He is a celebrity and in general has received some acceptance. He is being praised by some for his courage.


I said some. Because now we bring in a CFL Player named Maurice Price. He is a Christian and he tweeted this.


My faith won’t allow me to ACCEPT what took place over the weekend #AdamandEve #NotAdamandAdam


Now we bring this to Matt Walsh.


Matt Walsh has expressed a concern there is a double standard. See Matt thinks that while we are celebrating Michael Sam for his expression, a man named Tim Tebow, who is Christian was being marginalized for expressing his.


For those who don’t remember Tebow. He was the guy that had Bible Verses on his face while he played football. He was extremely vocal about his faith.


Now, this would be the point that I would link you to Matt”s blog so you can read. But this time, I won’t do it. Why? 

Well, Matt said any time you click on his blog that he is going to donate money to what he calls “pro traditional family organizations”. Smarty pants Matt, you forgot others could read. If you want to find the blog, it’s not hard to find.


I’ll summarize it this way. He reminds that football players wished Tebow would “shut up about Jesus”.


See, Matt says. We can talk about people’s sexuality, but not religion. Proof there is a double standard. Right?




While we privileged heterosexual Christian males are enjoying our freedoms, here are the some of the battles people like Michael Sam have been battling.



Public rejection.


Criticism of public expression and who they love


Hiding who they love


Hiding who they kiss


Identity issues


The right to have spousal benefits


The right to  adopt children


The right for employment based on ability.


That’s right. Matt must have forgot what happened with World Vision. How a group of Christians expressed their anger over a Christian organization hiring people who are in a same sex marriage. We also discussed earlier this week a Christian University being under scrutiny for they way they handle that.



Matt also must have forgot the protests, the signs, the reminders some Christians have told the LGBT community that they will not be accepted. We forget the specific references  and policies we have on if we will hire ands based on their sexual or relationship preferences. We call it biblical values. We forget the verses about gossip, slander and others. We don’t have a specific policy on that. 


Matt  forgot the fact that we have a position of power. We have been put in a position to in a sense, control someone’s fate. A fate that has led  people to silence because of a fear of reprisal. A fate that has lead for many, much worse.


The reason people celebrate people like Michael Sam, Ellen Page and others that come out are being praised for their courage is because it  IS courageous. The reason it’s discussed is because someone, somewhere may be able to share where they are at.


In order to be a double standard Matt, there needs to be an equal standard.


A standard where all are equal.


Clearly that’s not happening.


So you are wrong. 

Agree or Disagree: Adultery is becoming more socially acceptable.


This is an article from  Eleanorewells about the current perception on adultery. 

I’ll let you read it and unpack her perspective. However, this quote I want to point out.

The declining incidence of marriage, the growing rate of cohabitation, and the steady divorce rate could lead one to conclude that marriage has become less sacred. People may be starting to acknowledge the reality that “til death do us part” is, perhaps, unrealistic in many cases and that sometimes married people fall in love with people who are not their spouses.  Studies show that infidelity is on the rise.  Adultery may have become less scandalous because we see so much of it. In pop culture, we know who’s cheating with who, and why, and even the aftermath of having been caught.

Do you think adultery is becoming more socially acceptable?

Agree or Disagree: We need more Gay-Straight Alliances in Schools.

I feel this needs a little bit of explanation.

Yesterday, Kent Hehr, a Liberal MLA in Alberta put forward a bill towards the Alberta Legislature. The bill put forth was that if a school requested, there would be a gay-straight alliance.

What is a gay-straight alliance? Glad you asked!

Gay–straight alliances are student-led organizations, found primarily in North American high schools and universities, that are intended to provide a safe and supportive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning youth and their straight allies.

Now, the motion put forth by Kent Hehr yesterday was defeated. You can read the story from Metro News below.

What do you think? Is this something we need more of?

Agree or Disagree: This is a good way for a dad to communicate with his son?

Agree or Disagree: This is a good way for a dad to communicate with his son?

I’m not a parent. Perhaps one day, I will be a parent. Sometimes I wonder what I would be like if I was a parent. What would be the first things I would say to my kid?

I remember one of the things that always struck me about my parents was they had uncanny instincts about us kids. There were times in my life that I didn’t have to say something happened. Somehow, my parents knew.

From my observation of my parents, it would be the same thing. Having uncanny, and unbelievable instincts about their kids. In many ways, you can argue that they know their kids better then the kids know themselves.

And yet, how many of us as kids have tried to hide a secret from their parents? Now there are varying reasons for why you keep a secret from your parents. You could get grounded. Or, maybe you would have disappointed them. Or, they could have embarrassed you.

This child has been living his life. He met someone and they are dating. The issue is, the child is gay. He is not sure he wants his parents to know.

Ah, but the parents knew, His dad knew since he was 6. And he knew he was dating someone. And he is happy.

Now, I know that every parent and every child will have a different reaction to this. I also know many of you have awful stories, parent or child about the experience. Maybe you wish you were the kid of this dad.

This is what I know. I’m not a parent. One day, I might be a parent. I do think I know the first words I would want to say. I think it would be the words that end this letter.

I have loved you since the day you were born.