The Week that was June 25 – June 30
An Open Letter to Supporters of Mark Driscoll

The Week That Was

Love wins vs Erasing Hell: What does this have to do with us who are dying to live?

What’s with all the odd messages from some American Pastors?

Love Wins vs Erasing Hell: God and the Universe…..alism

Love Wins vs Erasing Hell: What the Hell is this talk about Hell?

Love Wins vs Erasing Hell: Does Everyone get to There?

Love Wins vs Erasing Hell: Gandhi and The Grandma

Intro to Blog Series: Love Wins vs Erasing Hell

What is the prosperity Gospel?
You want to live in a place that honours God?
Why I don’t wear Christian T-shirts

An Open Letter to Pastor Sean Harris of Berean Baptist Church
Rob Bell: Heaven and Hell
Student suspended for watching ‘Glee
The bigger problem with the two Wildrose candidates controversy
Some After Easter Weekend Sunday Questions

I’m taking Requests…
4 Quick Points about the Debate tonight
Christopher McMillan | John Winslow | Roger Gagne

He is Risen…
Some time for a Good Friday Reflection
5 Quick thoughts About The Calgary Mountainview Debate at SAIT tonight

Are you having a tough time finding a church?

A Sunday Morning Rant

Soon is Here

2 responses to “Blog

  1. Hi Kevole. This is ayla424. Interesting stuff you have here. Glad you introduced it to me. I commented on your sunday rant 🙂 just wanted to let you know it was me. Looking forward to following this blog. Love a good topical discussion 🙂

  2. Dude! Kevin! I stumbled upon your blog! I read some of your posts and I totally understand the thing about “starting conversations that we should be having”. That’s basically why I started my blog too! Although we won’t always agree with each other – and maybe even vehemently in some cases, I find most people around me have become so “reactionistic” that they won’t enter a conversation about certain things. If they disagree, they are scared to, because they are tired of a world where people argue. They now equate disagreeing with dividing. “Reactionistic” is a word I invented that describes what I find in the particular circles around me. We avoid talking about many areas and subjects because we remember how such-and-such happened. We don’t talk about end times because we are sick of all the crazy apocalyptic fear-mongering. That’s just one example of many – but some of us have personalities that tend to have more active thinking in certain ways and areas, and we need an outlet sometimes! So I made my blog. Not sure how long I’ll keep my blog up – I’m testing it out for a season. Not sure if you’ll agree with much, but I’m sure it will present some new ideas maybe. If you are repulsed by anything, let it simmer down and then reply gently. And keep in mind that my blog may not be up forever, so if you refer to it in your blog your reference may eventually become obsolete. Glad to see some of your journey laid out here – bringing you to the place you are at today!

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