The Week that was June 25 – June 30
An Open Letter to Supporters of Mark Driscoll

The Week That Was

Love wins vs Erasing Hell: What does this have to do with us who are dying to live?

What’s with all the odd messages from some American Pastors?

Love Wins vs Erasing Hell: God and the Universe…..alism

Love Wins vs Erasing Hell: What the Hell is this talk about Hell?

Love Wins vs Erasing Hell: Does Everyone get to There?

Love Wins vs Erasing Hell: Gandhi and The Grandma

Intro to Blog Series: Love Wins vs Erasing Hell

What is the prosperity Gospel?
You want to live in a place that honours God?
Why I don’t wear Christian T-shirts

An Open Letter to Pastor Sean Harris of Berean Baptist Church
Rob Bell: Heaven and Hell
Student suspended for watching ‘Glee
The bigger problem with the two Wildrose candidates controversy
Some After Easter Weekend Sunday Questions

I’m taking Requests…
4 Quick Points about the Debate tonight
Christopher McMillan | John Winslow | Roger Gagne

He is Risen…
Some time for a Good Friday Reflection
5 Quick thoughts About The Calgary Mountainview Debate at SAIT tonight

Are you having a tough time finding a church?

A Sunday Morning Rant

Soon is Here

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  1. Hi Kevole. This is ayla424. Interesting stuff you have here. Glad you introduced it to me. I commented on your sunday rant :) just wanted to let you know it was me. Looking forward to following this blog. Love a good topical discussion :)

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