About Kevin


About me:

I work at SAIT. But that’s my job. I like my job.

I’m also a citizen reporter for the Calgary Beacon.

But I also like to talk about things.  Important things, I think.  Sometimes not.  I also like to make you smile and think.  One goal would be to make you smile and think at the same time.

I also write and discuss.  Mostly about spiritual stuff, but also other stuff.

I’m a Christian.  But I’m not always right.  I’m willing to question the sacred and challenge the pulpit

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One response to “About Kevin

  1. Hello Kolenick!

    Oh Kolenick, oh Kolenick, la da da da, la da da da. It’s Paul from the days of Minit Drugs. I hope you are doing well. I was hoping I could use you again as a reference. Looking forward to hearing from you and catching up a bit.

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