I’m angry.



So I have a bit of a rant today.
I’m angry.
I’m angry about the layoffs at Postmedia.
I’m angry at the fact that hard working and talented writers were let go.
While Postmedia executives are reported to pocket $1 million dollars in bonuses.
I’m angry that these executives are interested in the news they want to hear. Not the news you want to hear.
I’m angry that in an industry where we need and by the way have talent, there are people that can’t find work.

I understand there are business needs. I understand that we are watching the death of the newspaper.

But it is not the death of the of information. We still seek and crave news. And stories. And information.Not just from one perspective. But from several. Not just a headline. But actual content.

There are journalists that want to tell those stories.With words. With pictures. With voices.

I’m angry that Postmedia just told people that they are not interested in that. They are interested in making their model work. Not adapt and support people who have dedicated themselves to their craft.

Yesterday  was a terrible day for journalism good journalism in Canada.

And I’m angry that people like Paul Godfrey took advantage of that.

It’s been a while, but here is an update from #Yvr

I have gotten a few messages asking how’s it going out in Vancouver?

My answer is typically Good.

Then I stop. Not realizing people would like an expansion on good. I’m not always the best talking about myself.

So hence this.

Term 1 at VanArts is over as I did my final exam today. So I thought I would give you some thoughts on how things are going here

First what is working. I use the term working instead of worked because these things are developing.

I have stepped out of my comfort zone. As an example today being American Thanksgiving, I would be sitting home watching all the football games and chilling out. Not this year. I’m at a Starbucks  reflecting on my term. When I came into this program, I had a plan on what I would do. Tell the news and sports. The plan didn’t include having voice characters.  That was until I co-hosted with Chelsie Ostrom and we did some characters. Now I have a couple that I use that still needs work. I’m also working on a couple more characters. It’s been an example of developing skills. I’ve also taken some chances that quite simply did not work at all. But,they are learning experiences.

I also developed my own Facebook/Twitter page for when I’m hosting called The KevOle Show. It’s a working title for now. I also have my first demo out and am working on a second and third and fourth one. As well as a website.

I also have been having auditions for some movies. Thanks to Janie Fontaine for setting these up. I have had a few.As of yet, no movies. But this was not the plan. But it has been a great way to know what is going on. And, practice.

So those are good things being worked on that I can and will continue to develop.

Not everything was awesome.

The toughest day was Friday November 13. You will remember the day well as this was the day of the attacks in Paris. It also was the day a massive earthquake hit Japan. So, for those who aren’t aware, this is how our day works. One person takes turns doing different roles on the show. So one is the “Jock”, one does news, one does sports, one does entertainment, one does traffic. That day I was on news.And  One of the things I have learned and continue to learn is importance of “prep”. Practice your reads before you go on. Let me take you through my process.

News is scheduled to go on at 1:50-

1:40-My instructor Martin comes too me and asks me about news.

He points out there is a developing situation. Turns out Japan and Paris were breaking at the same time. At the time, I didn’t know how bad Paris was. So I had to quickly rewrite the news for Japan.

1:55-I was just about to step outside for a minute when we learned much more about what was developing in Paris.

Nothing can prepare you for that. My emotions and adrenaline were running and it would be accurate to say nice guy Kevin was not present but ass Kevin was. (Sorry classmates) So for me, I will remember the day for very different reasons. To be honest, I’m still processing how I feel about that. I have some terms I use in my head. One of the terms is story. But that wasn’t a story and to use that term is downplaying the significance of it. As I said, I’m still processing that and will for some time.

In terms of “home”, I’m more and more comfortable every day with Vancouver/Richmond. It feels like home.However, it’s tough to deny that a good chunk of my heart is in Alberta. No better example than with the passing of Manmeet Bhullar. Although I never met him myself, I know many of the Alberta Political community did and my heart went out to all of that.As well, I still keep an eye on the Alberta Political Scene. And of course, your Facebook and Twitter posts :) I keep an eye out here too, but right now the most exciting thing here is deleting emails. But I think that will pick up. However, I’m making friends here. I found a church community and people seem to like me. I even had two lovely Thanksgiving meals here.

The job search was tough.However, I’m grateful to be working at the movie theatre. It’s not a lot, but at least it’s money. I’m also doing some Mystery Shopping as well.

As far as the Podcasts, I have done two here. That is due to schedule. School and work and looking for work have been priorities. I do have plans for more. They will come.

There are two big takeaways I have that I would like to share with you.

The first thing is good things take time. This is a term from the church community I’m involved with and it sticks with me. There is no instant success., It’s hard work every day. Every day I’m on the microphone, or in the production room, to the TV room, it’s practice. It’s an opportunity to get better.One of the instructors was taking about comedy this week. He was talking about how while you watch a comedy and it seems “fun”, it’s very serious. It’s preparation.It’s practice. It’s being professional.  It’s making the effort. It’s being disciplined. And it takes time.And time. And time. And that practice, that effort, that discipline is what turns someone or something that is good to someone that is great. So far, I feel “good”, but long way from being “great”.

The second relates a bit to the first, but it’s a quote I read from Manmeet Bhullar actually. It’s  this Work hard and the stars will align.  I know that seems overly simplistic and perhaps spiritual but it resonated with me.Permission to be vulnerable, but I have felt a little down at times here. Particularly with the job hunt part.  The audition part not so  much as this is somewhat new for me.However, I refused and continue to refuse to give up. I take things one day at a time.  I’ve been in tough situations before. So working hard will produce sometimes.

So thank you for reading, caring, and supporting. Shout out to my classmates Trent, Saige, James,Luke, Chelsie,Paula, Alex, Brandon, Bob, Colton,Mitch, Keith, and Michael. Also instructors Scott, Martin, Dave, Kyrian, and Brad.

That’s enough talking about myself.Term 2 is next.

School starts Tomorrow!!!! Something you may not be aware about some students….

So I know this weekend, there has been a lot of conversations around Syrian refugees. And it is an important conversation that hopefully opens eyes and challenges hearts.

Now, we are focused on #peegate.

However, I would like to make you aware of something else.
School starts tomorrow. It is an exciting time for many as they are going forward to pursue an education to get a job. To contribute to society in some way. To feel better about themselves. To be better people.

The problem is as school starts tomorrow, there will be many students that will not have a place to stay. At our orientation Friday, several hands went up when asked who needs a place.

I understand that there are many issues surrounding this topic. Here are a couple;

If you call a potential and say you are a student, there is hesitation. If you say you are working, there is more openness to rent.

The cost of coming up with in some provinces, not all, of coming up with one month’s rent plus one month’s damage deposit.

You say live in a Hotel? The Y on Beatty and Robson costs $900 a month. Which being a student, is above my own personal price range.

I find it odd that in a country where we say that we value education, that we would allow students to be homeless. An unsettled student is going to be an disorganized student. A disorganized student will be an unsuccessful student.

We are better off with successful people doing what they are good at.

So be aware and educate yourself on the issues in Syria. If you need too, have a good laugh at #peegate or whatever scandal that comes up today.

But, maybe we can be a bit more aware that there are some Post Secondary Students that will start school living on the streets.

Agree or Disagree: This restaurant owner was right yelling at a screaming child.

Perhaps you have been there.

Sitting silently in a restaurant. Enjoying the company of your friends. When, suddenly, a child is screaming. You are distracted for a moment. You mat even get frustrated. But, you are polite and understanding and stay silent.

Or, maybe you are the parent. You are having a much needed night out. Then, suddenly, your child is screaming.And screaming. And screaming. And screaming. You are embarrassed. You are getting “looks” from the other patrons.

Now, maybe you are the owner.of the restaurant. Like Daria Neugebauer from Marcy’s Diner Portland Maine. The kid is screaming for an hour. You see the patrons have had enough. You sense the frustration. Then, suddenly, you scream at the kid to SHUT UP.

Is she right? You can hear story above.

Do you Agree or Disagree with her? Would you yell at a screaming kid in public?

If you are a parent, how would you feel about this happening to you?

Agree or Disagree: Calgary Folk Festival should ban Pseudo Indigenous Headdresses.

Last Week, The Edmonton Folk Festival announced that they would ban Pseudo Indigenous Headdresses. This was met with much support from the community of Edmonton and around the province of Alberta.

For those who wonder why they would do this, here is a good read on the topic

Meanwhile, in the fine City of Calgary, we have a Folk Festival coming up this weekend. Which incidentally, tickets are down 10 to 15 percent and is NOT sold out. They have decided to not ban Pseudo Indigenous Headdresses.

This is an article from Metro News on why the Calgary Folk Festival should do this.

Do you Agree or Disagree that the Calgary Folk Festival should ban Pseudo Indigenous Headdresses?

Agree or Disagree: The Future of Work is changing in a good way.

I like to read different things and different topics. Lately, I have been reading some topics related to employment.  Resumes, interviews, networking etc. I stumbled upon this one. It’s an interesting read on The Future of Work and Digital Proficiency. Well, I thought it was interesting anyway.

While this article is specifically talking about how technology is changing, there seems to lots of changes when it comes to employment.  How you apply, your resume and the way positions are being interviewed have changed. The types of positions you can apply for have significantly changed as well.  While we still have Accountants, Engineers, Doctors. But now you can apply for things like Social Media Specialist, Beverage Dissemination Officer, and Digital Overlord.

How  you can do your job has changed as well. Partially because of technology, yes. But, there are other reasons. Many are moving from a “9-5” shift to a variety of different shifts.  You can also work in other places other than the office. You can work from home, a coffee shop, or while you travel. The way you sit at the office has changed. We are using words like ergonomics to sit in your chair and desk more comfortably. Heck, you don’t even have to sit at your desk. You can stand as well.

So, we have lots of changes. We want to be more efficient, and effective.  We are using words like “measurable” and “corporate culture”. We have projects to improve our projects.

But is it a good thing? Do you Agree or Disagree that the future of work is changing in a good way?

Normally We Agree or Disagree, But tonight I have some thoughts to share

Normally it’s time to Agree or Disagree.

But tonight I thought I would share a perspective.

This week, many have been outraged over two incidents.

We were outraged over the Edmonton Fringe Festival handling over someone within the disabled community.
Many were outraged over the behaviour of one woman (strangely not the men) and a “video” at the Calgary Stampede.

Many responded with outrage, and well, let’s be blunt, shame.

Boycott The Fringe!

Fire the Executive Director!

Fire the Social Media Person!

Fire the Woman!

And while I do agree and understand that there are consequences for people’s actions, I feel that in the midst of this that we are missing something.


In all of these situations, there are actually opportunities to learn and be better. As an example, the Edmonton Fringe Festival took some huge steps in making things right with Daniel Hughes and their family. This will be better for everyone involved. And lessons can be learned from other organizations that looks for volunteers on how to communicate.

Would that have happened if we went on a firing spree like was requested or demanded by some?

Now the young lady and the men. And please hold on a moment here while I speak on this.

Imagine for a moment you made a mistake. A big mistake. A mistake that will possibly change the course of your life.

What would you want? Would you want to be isolated and alone while it seems like the whole world is laughing at you and mocking you?

Or, would you want community and support in a time you so desperately need it?

It’s easy to go on a computer and laugh and scorn people for mistakes. The problem is, and this includes me as well, we all have made mistakes. Maybe they weren’t posted on Social Media for all to see and “trend”. But, they were mistakes.

Did you learn from them? Did you have the opportunity to grow and be a better person? I know I have for mine.

There are many that say that the world owes you nothing. And perhaps they are right. But what the world is lacking in a big way is mentorship. People that walk side by side with you and support you in your decisions. The good ones and the bad ones. Maybe the world would be a better place if the world offered that.

So maybe this week is lesson for all of us, including me. Maybe the lesson is instead of asking for our entitled pound of flesh for something we know little about, we take the time to see what opportunities there are for us to learn from.

Because for every mistake we make, there is always a lesson to learn.