Agree or Disagree: The Gluten-Free Podcast


If you don’t know who this is, this is Amber Romanuik.

She is  a Holistic NutritionistTeacher/Speaker/Editor in Chief Amber Approved Mag/Author/Owner of Amber Approved Cookbooks/All creations gluten/sugar/dairy/soy/corn free/

She joined Terry Lo and I to discuss the gluten-free options in Calgary. Topics include;

-Gluten free restaurant options in Calgary.

-Is the gluten free diet a fad?

-If you are considering the decision of going gluten-free, what factors should you look at?

-Gluten free grocery shopping

-You and your kids Halloween consumption.

Listen to the Podcast here

We also have a contest! We are looking for your best baking pictures. Tweet @kevole @amberapproved and @calgarydreamer your baking photos and Amber will determine who will win! You can also post them too my Facebook or the blog


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