Agree or Disagree: You would sign a permission slip so your kid can bring home a Gideon Bible

This is a long title.

However, when you read the story, you will understand.

This is a blog from Susan Goldberg. She is excited about the new school year. New routines.New activities. And a very interesting permission slip.

This one.image

A permission slip from The Gideons! They would like to send Susan’s kid and perhaps your kid with a nice new Gideon Bible.

You can read her concerns in her blog. One of her concerns is that her kids are in a public school. The idea of public school for many is to not have religion in the classroom. This…well…contradicts that.

So, if you were the parent and your kid brought home this permission slip, would you sign it?

Why or why not?


2 responses to “Agree or Disagree: You would sign a permission slip so your kid can bring home a Gideon Bible

  1. I would not sign it, it is up to me to provide what religious education I feel my child needs. That said, I’m not against the idea of it. I think the permission slip takes care of the issue. I would love to see the buddhists start doing this too (I found a book of buddhist teachings in a hotel room drawer next to the Gideon Bible once. I loved the idea and spent the night reading it. Very interesting).

  2. I would not and, given this is public school, I would contacting the school and the school board directly. Public schools should not be distributing religious literature at all. Religious education, or lack of it, is the business of the family. Also, given the vast number of religions out there, I don’t want to be signing refusal forms every week for the Bible, Koran, Necronomicon, or the latest Sam Harris book.

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