Agree or Disagree: The Gluten Free Diet is a myth

Many of you are probably on the gluten free diet. Many of you have also benefited from this diet as well.

However, this article suggests that the gluten free diet is a myth.

Do you believe that?


One response to “Agree or Disagree: The Gluten Free Diet is a myth

  1. I think people get confused sometimes when using the word “diet”. Most people in north america probably first think of the word diet as in trying to lose weight. But in the real sense, it means the food you take in. “My diet consists of….”. That is issue number 1. The article does state a truth, you don’t loose weight from it, and it can lack essentials that you need to take into your body. But its about being balanced. I personally hate it when people talk about losing weight and what they do about it. I know it is important it stay healthy, but some people become obsessed about it. And because of the obsession, it leads to the latest fad in dieting (the losing weight kind). Which comes back to this blog. Yes I agree that the ” Gluten free diet” is a myth. It is a myth because its a diet that is made of gluten free food, not for losing weight.

    I could go on, but that is the jist of my thoughts.

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