Agree or Disagree: The Podcast-Woman are becoming stronger leaders



You probably know these 2 people. If not, let me introduce you.

This is Melissa Macky and Melissa Sterling. They are two influential woman who are showing leadership. We discuss how women are becoming stronger leaders.

Melissa Mckay is @IgniteMeNow on Twitter. She works with women of all ages in leadership.

Melissa Stirling is @Stirlingize on Twitter. She focuses on healthy lifestyles for people of all ages.

Together they are doing videos titled Are You Jacked?  These videos are about different experiences in their life. Today we discuss if women are becoming stronger leaders?

Topics include,
Are woman becoming stronger leaders?
The positive impact on culture
Has concepts of leadership changed over the years?
The definition of leadership
The impact this has had on relationships.
The #sprinklekindness tour that Melissa and Melissa are inviting you to participate in.

Listen here

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