Agree or Disagree: Faith based schools should lose their accreditation because of policy on homosexuality

  You might have heard what has happened at Trinity Western University. Perhaps, like me, you know some people who have attended there. 

You also might have heard some good things about the school. In Christianity, they have a really strong reputation.

Unfortunately, they are in some current trouble. I fear that the impact of this decision could impact future faith based schools.

You see, Trinity Western University is planning to open a law school in 2016. The problem? Because of their stance on homosexuality, provinces like Ontario and Nova Scotia do not want to give TWU students accreditation.


Their stance? Well, like many conservative Christians,  marriage is between a man and a woman. 

What is their stance? Well, actually it’s not just about homosexuality. They have their 3,600 students sign a covenant that they will not participate in ANY sexual activity until they are married. 

Now there a couple of things that are really clear to me.  The first thing is, I’m guessing a high majority of the students that have been or go to TWU are aware of their policies. Many in the Christian community that attend publicly agree with them. I say publicly because it is possible that some… violated the covenant. That is a separate topic. But the students made a choice to better themselves with an education at Trinity Western University. To better their education and their faith.

The second thing is this. Trinity Western University is not the only institution in the world that has this policy. There are many. Too many to count. If you are going to threaten or challenge accreditation, how many more will you challenge?

The third thing is this. I know I said two, but there is an important point.  The stances that TWU represent are not only in TWU or in a Christian University. It would be anywhere. How this “policy” is challenged going forward will be interesting.

Now, it’s that I agree fully with TWU’s policies. However, I do respect the freedom for them to have them. If they are providing a quality education for students, why should they have their accreditation challenged?

I leave that for you to Agree or Disagree with.



One response to “Agree or Disagree: Faith based schools should lose their accreditation because of policy on homosexuality

  1. Should a school be able to run like this? If you asked me a few years, I would’ve said NO. But then again, is it really something that World War Three should start over? Maybe schools like this should just be blunt at the start about their values when advertising for enrolments and then people can make up their own mind.

    It’s interesting that they’re getting students to sign a ” purity pledge”. From what I’ve heard, they rarely work put in the US. But if that’s what they strongly believe, let them, BUT make sure everyone is properly informed from the outset.

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