Agree or Disagree: We need our downtown to be more bike friendly


In the middle of the very tough week in Calgary, there was a 14 hour long City Council session that you might have missed.

The session, and the debate has not been settled, is the idea of a one year trial of barrier separated bike lanes in downtown Calgary.

Now for some, this is a good idea. The benefits are the reduction of motor vehicle’s on downtown. Improved road access for cyclists, which has been asked for by many in the city.

For others, there is some concern. Many argue with the weather in the city, that these will not be used enough to see the need. The actual cost of this is a big concern. The cost is at least 2.8 million. I say at least, because there could be other issues and costs that can come up with.

So, let’s have our own session if you will.

Do you think our downtown in Calgary needs to be more bike friendly? What about if you don’t live in Calgary? Is your downtown bike friendly? Has it helped?

Do you Agree or Disagree?

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