We are Calgary. And, we are strong.


This week started off very interesting.

Sunday night, a very regrettable tweet was sent out from a Calgary Herald Reporter. It caused a lot of anger from people in Vancouver and a bit of a Twitter war between the two cities.

Some of those tweets insulted Calgarians and the City of Calgary.

For those who have decided to insult and mock, I’d like to take you back to year we have had. Then I will tell you who we are.

You may remember last June the flood that rocked our City and Southern Alberta. Homes were devastated and ruined. People lost possessions, their clothes, family pictures. Many were left homeless.

As devastating as that was, we Calgarians banned together. We provided food, shelter, and clothing for strangers, family and friends. We volunteered to the point that in many places, they didn’t have enough volunteering for us. It was fine, we found another place. We restored this city back. We cleaned it up.

Why? Because we are Calgarians and that is what we do.

This week, we had a senseless tragedy strike our city. 5 young people went to celebrate their final days of school with their buddies at a party.

Sadly, and shockingly, they were murdered.

Although we may not know them personally, it has affected many of us. It has deeply affected those involved with two schools. It has rocked a community. It has shaken a city.

In our heartbreak and sadness, we again stood up for our fellow Calgarians.  Councillors have offered opened their doors. Neighbours have consoled. Strangers have given those impacted a longer hug. Since this is exam week, students have been given extensions for exams.

Why? Because we are Calgarians and that is what we do.

We stand for each other. We unite in community. We look out for our neighbour.

You may not know this, but we Calgarians are GREAT volunteers. We pull together when needed and get things done.

You do know this. We have a Mayor that many cities are envious of.

Today, and for some time, we will grief. We will grieve for the senseless loss. We will grieve for the friends, family and colleagues that spent their days with the victims. We will cry. We will hug. We will weep.

But, we will do it together.


Because we are Calgarians and that is what we do.

We are strong.


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