Agree or Disagree: The Podcast- Sports Style



“Back in the day”, as people say, my buddy Paul and I used to chat about hockey and wrestling for hours. Paul knows his stuff and has been a lifelong Flames fan. As well, as an old school wrestling fan.

Paul brought in his long time buddy Johnny and we talked about  the life of The Ultimate Warrior. If you don’t know, he passed away suddenly on Tuesday night after making his first appearance in the WWE in over 15 years.

Topics include.

His life before the then WWF at the time

His career in  the WWF and how he became the Ultimate Warrior.

His life outside the ring

His return.

Listen to that here

Then Paul, Johnny and I discussed the Calgary Flames. They played their last game of the season. So,we did a look back at the season.

Topics include

Highlights of the season

Lowlights of the season

The impact of firing Jay Feaster and replacing him with Brian Burke as GM

Comparison to the Canucks and Oilers

The next GM

Coach Hartley

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