World Vision made a decision. What are the next steps?



Yesterday, I wrote this I’ll be honest I’m disappointed in World Vision Today in regards to the decision to reverse hiring Christians in a same sex marriage.

To be honest, as I continued to think and process what happened yesterday, my heart continued to break. Now, from closely following the reaction Facebook and Twitter, it’s clear that many of you are very happy about this. Some of you used terms like “discipline” , “repentance” and “Standard of God’s Word” as a basis of your argument. You “Praised The Lord” that World Vision did the right thing.

While you were “Praising The Lord”, because of “Standing on the Word of God”,you might have missed something. There were some people hurt, really hurt by what happened.Before you say, it’s just a certain section of people, let me tell you it’s not.

Christians who disagree with homosexuality are disgusted that so called church leaders like Franklin Graham, John Piper, Albert Moehler and Russell Moore would actually encourage people to pull their sponsorship of THIRD WORLD children to make their point. Children who are actually suffering, some with terminal illness. All in the name of “Standard of God’s Word” which apparently is the catch phrase.

Does anyone else think it ironic that Franklin Graham of Samaritan’s Purse would take a tactic like this? After all,his organization helps in Third World countries.

People who are not Christians, but support World Vision and sponsor a child are baffled by the fact that 2,000 people within a 48 hour span cancelled their sponsorship. It’s quite sickening when you think about it.

People are upset at World Vision. They see this decision as a lack of courage and backbone. Even Christians are questioning the benefit of giving to a so called “Christian” organization. Perhaps it is time to consider giving to more of a secular route. Not to mention the fact that unfortunately some have been burnt by “Christian” businesses.

Don’t underestimate those hurts. Some of these are compiled with years and years of being hurt by people in a perceived position of church leadership exercising their apparent “God given authority” to act completely contradictory to what the Scriptures teach.

Yesterday was another example.

This conversation is not a debate about homosexuality. This is a debate about a convenient use of the term Christian values was used to intimidate an organization into something. And using the poor, widow and the orphan, all we are called to help in Scripture as a weapon.

And as much as people like Russell Moore wants us to “move on”, I think there is some questions to be asked.

How do those who are upset at World Vision peacefully and respectably respond? How do you let World Vision know this was not acceptable without impacting some of the work they do?

How do you let people like Russell Moore, Franklin Graham, Albert Moehler and John Piper that what they did was unacceptable?

I would like to discuss this. But I will also give you some information. Which is their Twitter/Facebook accounts.

@WorldVisionUSA Facebook: World Vision USA

Russell Moore @drmoore

John Piper @JohnPiper

Albert Moehler @AlbertMoehler

Franklin Graham @Franklin_Graham

Will this help? Will they listen? I don’t know. But what I do know is this. Moore, Piper, Moehler, and Graham are not the only ones that have a voice. We all can. And they need to hear it. They need to hear that their behaviour is NOT acceptable.

But, my question to you is, what is an appropriate way to respond to World Vision now?


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