Agree or Disagree:The Podcast-The most influential people of #yyc



I start this with a point. I feel as a life long Calgarian, we don’t give ourselves as much credit as we do. 

There are many great things about Calgary that perhaps if you live here long enough your forget. We complain about things like snow removal, traffic and well, the weather. We might forget about the volunteerism, the friendliness, and the variety of activities you can do in Calgary.

Hence, tonights podcast.

Terry Lo, @calgarydreamer and I discuss some of the most influential people of #yyc. Some of the topics we will cover.

-The evolution of Calgary since 1988

-The top influencers in Industry, Food and Food Trucks, Fashion and Theatre

-Some gaps in influence in Calgary

-Some “mainstream” media voices

-The top 4 influencers of Calgary

-A prediction for Prime Minister within the next 20 years?

Side 1

Side 2

I’m sure you might think there are some people missing. That’s ok, because you can tell us who we left off. 

I hope this starts a good conversation around Calgary. It is much needed in this great city. 

Thank you to all of us who makes this city special.


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