Agree or Disagree: The Gluten Free diet is dangerous.

Agree or Disagree: The Gluten Free diet is dangerous.


Over the time I have done Agree or Disagree’s, the general topics I have posted have been about religion, politics, and dating. Sure, I have posted on other things, but those have been the general themes of discussions.

Tonight, something will be different. Tonight we will discuss nutrition. 

I know many of you love to talk about nutrition. I also know many of you, for various reasons,  have chosen a gluten free diet. Many of you have probably found some benefits for that. However, the above article is making arguments that the gluten free diet is dangerous.The article is from Here is a paragraph of the article I would like to draw your attention too.

It’s also the segment of the population that has an increasing number of doctors across Canada confused and worried about the possible dangers of patients going gluten-free without talking to a health professional first. Gluten avoiders may spend money on foods that they don’t really need to eat, that may actually be lacking nutrition and causing them other problems. They may also miss out on important diagnoses, especially if they do have celiac disease and aren’t tested. All this has led doctors to debate in the pages of scientific journals and even out loud: Is Canada facing a new medical emergency about which little is yet understood or is this just the latest health fad gone wild? And most importantly, are gluten avoiders doing themselves more harm than good?


What I would take away specifically from the article is some have made a choice of pursuing a diet like gluten free without consulting a health care professional. However, do you still think it’s a dangerous diet?

If you are commenting on Twitter, if you can use the #agreeordisagree, that would be great.




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