Agree or Disagree: Events that are judged should not be part of the Olympics.


The ice dancing/figure skating events are some of the most popular watched events in the Winter Olympics. Today, many were glued to the TV as Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir battled with Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie Whyte for the Gold Medal in Sochi 2014. 

An incredible performance by Virtue and Moir was only to be outdone by an even better performance by Davis and Whyte. Davis and Whyte were awarded the Gold, Virtue and Moir the Silver.

At least, that what’s the judges said.

Now, some of you will agree that the judges were right. You might be regular watchers and have a solid opinion on who should have won. I respect that. However, there is a growing question on the validity of these competitions the Olympics. Some would argue that sport has a clear winner and loser that we can tell with a final score, not judges. Sport is competitive and result driven they say. 

Now, there are more than figure skating that this would seem to impact.  Here is a list of Olympic Events that are judged.

What do you think? Is it time to remove events tat are judged from the Olympics?


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