Agree or Disagree: #SochiProblems is more of an embarrassment for America than it is for Russia

Agree or Disagree: #SochiProblems is more of an embarrassment for America than it is for Russia

When we first began discussing the Olympics in Sochi, #SochiProblems was trending on Twitter.   We were seeing pictures of bathrooms and small beds. We saw dirt in water and debris in hotels. People are following @SochiProblems. As a matter of fact, they have 410,000 followers.

The issue when this began was this was an embarrassment to Russia. However,as the policymic article is mentioning, this might be more of an embarrassment  to America, then it is to Russia. The reason is because of the way many have mocked the Russians.  Mocking how they live, and mocking who the Russians are without a true understanding of life there.  It’s becoming telling of the type of people we are, as opposed to the type of people Russians.

This article is from 2012, but this might be an interesting read on who the middle class is in Russia. Point being, perhaps some people may not understand how it is to live in Russia.

Now, I’m currently reading the @SochiProblems Twitter feed. Based on what I’m seeing, they may not have as much to complain about as they hope. Here is the latest tweet from @SochiProblems:

It might speak to who is more embarassed.

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12:24 AM – 14 Feb 14

2 responses to “Agree or Disagree: #SochiProblems is more of an embarrassment for America than it is for Russia

  1. Disagree.
    Russian officials are aware of the internet and know how quickly things trend. They’re aware that Sochi is currently under the world spotlight so it would be naive to not expect to hear any of the preventable issues left at Sochi. Yes preventable. Russia had the time and resources to make Sochi presentable. Let Russian officials use what they believe as “malicious” as motivation to at a minimum make intolerable regions livable.
    Also, because of the writers tone, I’m surprised they didn’t end the article with an explaination as to why there aren’t enough people like them in the world.

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