Agree or Disagree: Peaceful Protests work

While our eyes are focused on Sochi right now,  16 hours there is another protest going on.

The land is Ukraine. Since November, this country has been in a protest about a deal that President Yanukovich signed with Russia. They were to sign a deal with the EU, but President Yanukovich decided differently. The people felt their democratic voices were not respected and heard.

Now, what is interesting about the protest is how the people have reacted. It is cold, and the fight seems long. However, the reaction seems quite peaceful. How do I know? Well, I don’t know personally, however I know someone who is following this story very closely.

Her name is Patti Pierce-Miller. She is a Pastor at Crossfire Assembly in Hamilton Ontario. She does lots of work in Ukraine and is following this story and updates daily.

She wrote this post on her blog about what is going on in Ukraine. How a group of people have seemed to persevere over a very difficult circumstance.

 We see lots of protests over different things. As an example in Alberta, there has been some protests about Bill 45 and Bill 46. There is also some anger and protest over Premier Alison Redford’s $45,000 spending spree at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. To be honest, I get the sense that at times, we in North America tend to give up.  These people in Ukraine are not. If you read the blog, you will notice some stories where many might.

But, does protesting peacefully work?  Will those who need to hear, listen to a peaceful protest? Or, do you feel that you need to make an impact to force change?


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