Agree or Disagree: Justin Bieber is being bullied.

Agree or Disagree: This man is being bullied.

You know who this is,

This picture has been all over the internet today. You might have heard that he was arrested for DUI and drag racing charges in Miami.

Now, I went on Twitter and the conversation was quite interesting.

Some felt he was getting what he deserved.

Others wanted to remind us that he is depressed. That he is a victim of some terrible circumstances and he deserves a break. They feel that these attacks are not fair and he deserves your compassion.

What do you think of the treatment of Justin Bieber today?

2 responses to “Agree or Disagree: Justin Bieber is being bullied.

  1. Honestly, regardless of what he’s going through in his personal life, he’s still an adult and is responsible for his behavior. Perhaps these legal issues will cause him to get the help he needs?

  2. For some posts, there just needs to be an option C besides only Agree or Disagree (which I realize doesn’t quite have the same ring to it). I would agree and disagree. The only reason this has garnered so much attention is because he’s so well-known. That’s how this stuff goes with any celebrity. If it were a local college guy in town, maybe there would be some town gossip as to his upbringing, etc., but I highly doubt the local news would be turning their attention to it. So while I might hesitate to call it “bulled,” I could agree that it has been blown out of proportion compared to the average Joe doing the same thing. On the other hand, I would also disagree because DUI is a serious thing, no matter who’s doing it. Given the culture of celebrity worship, they know that any misstep will be blown out of proportion. It comes with the territory. And he hasn’t exactly been endearing himself to the general public as of late anyway. Even if he’s no longer advised by people who can make him slow down on this kind of behavior, as willowblackbird said, he’s a legal adult now. “Being a kid” is no longer a legit excuse. Fame does not automatically excuse one from consequences.

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