Agree or Disagree: Men are being “Wussified”-A perspective from a Man.

I tend not to get overly personal here, but I would like to tell you what I did Sunday.

I was out at the pub with guys watching football. We drank beer, ate wings, and cheered the Seattle Seahawks to victory.

I did that last weekend.

I’m going to do that in two weeks.

In this video,people are on Elisabeth Hasselbeck for the comments about asking about “Wussifying” males being a threat to National Security. Granted, not the brightest question in the world. However, the author of this book, Nick Roach, said absolutely!

I’m not sure where Nick Roach lives. I’m not sure Elisabeth Hasselbeck lives. But where I live, it would seem to me that being a man is in no way being threatened.

However, they asked the wrong question.

Some men like to hunt. Some men like to fish. Some men love cars. Some men do not. Some prefer other activities. It doesn’t mean one man is better or more manly than another.

Instead of asking how we are “wussifying” men,why don’t we have a conversation about what a quality man is?

Why don’t we stop looking at what a man is by the amount of stuff he has? There are several men who have everything life can grant to them. Money, stuff, looks, attitude. Yet, they treat women, and other people, like garbage. Some have abandoned kids.

What we should do is applaud the men that are honourable. The men who have lots or little that put their family and friends first. That take the time to contribute positively to culture. Be it volunteering, advocating, defending and supporting others. Many who do so quietly and with dignity. They may or may not hunt, or fish, or drive a car. They may prefer a simpler lifestyle.

But if you asked their friends and family, they would call them a man. And they are loved for it.

At the end of life, the things that will matter and the things that I will reflect on is not how you measured up to society’s image of man.

What will matter is the type of man I became.

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