Guys… really? … What are you thinking? Her?!

Guys... really? ... What are you thinking? Her?!

Well, I guess in some ways we should give Ali Reed some credit.

She had an idea. As an experiment, she thought she would make the worst online dating profile ever. Complete with a personality profile that includes “knocking coffee out of homeless people’s hands because it was ‘sooooooo funny.’ She also liked to make people believe that she was pregnant. She’s unemployed, but loves the “$$$$” and cars!

Yet, and this is where I’m baffled, she got messages. Not just one random message, but 150… yes I said 150 messages in 24 hours.

Now, Alli Reed tries to stop the messaging but being even worse. The results?

‘Lol your so funny. hahaha. you a sexy devil lol 🙂 so dose ur sis know about it? Any plans for the weekend? Btw what’s ur number so we can text?

What is your number so we can text? What is wrong with you? Seriously… what is wrong with you?

If you don’t believe me, this is the story below.

Guys, let me help you out. I know many girls. They are single. They are probably on some of the sites you are looking at. Some want to help homeless people. Some really desire to be a mother and would be a great mother. Your lives would probably be better off!

What is wrong with them?

Oh well, I guess. No biggie! If you want to message that, feel free. I’ll hit the icon “next” and speak to the numerous quality women out there.

It’s a better way to think.


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