Agree or Disagree: Alberta is handling the “H1N1 scare” well.

You probably have heard that there is a H1N1 scare in Alberta. Actually, the scare is going across Canada.

As of now, Alberta Health confirmed 10 deaths between the ages of 18-64. 40 others are in intensive care and another 300 being treated in hospital.

So far, it has been estimated that 21% of Albertans have got a Flu Shot. However, the reports are there has been some long lineups and places with a limited supply. These reports seem to be causing some anger from some.

I posted a link to the story on top.

What do you think of how Alberta has handled this recent H1N1 issue? When I say Alberta, I’m talking about not only government, but people as well? Are you impressed with the response of Albertans to this situation?


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