Agree or Disagree: It’s time for Calgary to improve their snow removal policy.

Agree or Disagree:  It's time for Calgary to improve their snow removal policy.

In Calgary, this is what we call a miracle!

A shovelled street! Yes…. A shovelled street!

That street is 10 Street NW. Actually, it’s near my apartment. Also, my apartment has been consistent in shovelling the snow. Like most citizens in Calgary, who have taken the time to clean their streets.

Except well… the City of Calgary.

One of the discussions over the Christmas Holiday in Calgary is the City of Calgary’s ability… or actually lack of ability of shovelling and cleaning city streets. People have been stuck. They have been unable to get out. Snow has piled up.

It has gotten so bad that the Calgary Herald actually has a contest. They want photos of the worst street in Calgary.
Here’s the link to the story

Here also is the link to the City of Calgary website on the City’s on policy on snow removal.

Here is something interesting. Look at question 1.

1. Who is responsible for clearing snow and ice from Calgary sidewalks?

Under Street Bylaw 20M88, the owner or occupant of any private property adjacent to a sidewalk is deemed responsible for the removal of ice and snow from that portion of the sidewalk within 24 hours after the ice or snow has been deposited.

I find this interesting because according to City’s Snow and Ice Control program, this is the City’s policy.

Responding to snowfall
The City sands, salts, and plows roads and sidewalks based on a Council-approved priority system called Snow and Ice Control (SNIC). During winter months, crews are available around the clock to react to a snow event. Once the last snow flake falls the seven day plan begins.

So, we have 24 hours to clean our streets, but the City has 7 days from the “last snow flake” to clean theirs? By the way, who determines what the “last snowflake is? Is there someone who watches for it and calls “LAST SNOWFLAKE”? Is there a debate?

Also is this inconsistent? We have 24 hours, the City until the very last snowflake!

You can look at your own street if the City has actually followed their policy.

You can look and see by the pile of snow that it is time for the City of Calgary to develop a better snow removal policy.

Not a miracle.


4 responses to “Agree or Disagree: It’s time for Calgary to improve their snow removal policy.

  1. There are a few things that you have left out of the article. One is that this is more snow than we’ve had in Calgary in December since the early 1900s. As a taxpayer, I do not want Calgary to plan their snow removal policy based on outliers like this past December. That would leave tons of equipment sitting idle most of the time. Equipment that my tax dollars would be required to buy and maintain. Also, I think that the city has done a pretty good job. Major roads and thoroughfares are plower. Is my street? No. I drive an AWD vehicle so I’ve had no issues. I find it interesting that many of the people slamming the city are the same who wanted to vote Nenshi out for spending too much money. I don’t think a smaller budget would lead to better snow removal.

    One other thing. Yes, we have 24 hours because we have a FRACTION of the shovelling to do that the city has to do. Do you know how many miles of roads there are in Calgary? LOADS. It would be unrealistic to think they could plow them all in 24 hours! However, people can totally shovel their sidewalks in that time…however, many don’t.

  2. I don’t know Kevin, I want to completely agree that our Bylaw versus the City’s 7 day Snow removal plan is kinda silly… but I am guessing it is much more complex. I agree with the previous commenter (Merry) in that Calgary is a huge city and cannot reasonably be plowed in 24 hours. Weather in Calgary is finicky at best…

      • I’m not sure why SAIT can do it; however, it may be possible that they maintain their snow situation so well because a majority of students are walking around the campus.
        Also, when I was in University, we could take on shovelling jobs for extra money while living in residence. You would show up to the maintenance building the morning after the snow and would be sent out with a list of things to clear/shovel. Perhaps there is some student action going on to help the cause?

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