Agree or Disagree: Society is ashamed of virginity.

Agree or Disagree: Society is ashamed of virginity.

I must admit, it has been……awhile since I’ve been on a “date”. So for this, I’m going to use my imagination.

Picture if you will ladies that you are on a date with a guy. The date includes a great dinner at a great restaurant he knew you would like. Maybe, for example the guy has a great hat and tie! He’s a good conversationalist, great listener and all in all, a gentleman.

The date, not surprisingly considering who he is, is an excellent date. You are amazed at how much time has gone by. You start thinking, I’m having a great time! The meal was awesome!  The server encourages, or insists that you have dessert. 

“Nah, you know, I’m stuffed” You say

” Hmm, I could use some more” I… He said.

So the decision is made.  Dessert!

Of course, this requires coffee as well!

The date moves to a more comfortable stage. The stage where you feel you can open up a bit more about your past. The topic turns to past relationships.

Suddenly, a moment of hesitation happens inside you. You are not sure if you want to tell the truth here.

“I’ve had a few relationships” You say.

Except, that’s not truth. You haven’t had a few relationships.

You haven’t had any relationships.

But you are actually afraid of admitting this. Perhaps, even ashamed.

According to the link and slideshow above,  some women are apparently ashamed of admitting to men that they are still virgins.  They are afraid of being judged. 

Now, allow me to make a couple of points. I pointed out on this imaginary “date”, relationships, not sexual partners. The reason is many do find “partners” personal. This was a first or an early date. 

That being said, I have noticed that there is some cultural trends towards a mocking of the idea of virginity or choosing abstinence. I have also noticed many show respect to those that have.

What have you noticed? Do you think society is ashamed of virginity?


2 responses to “Agree or Disagree: Society is ashamed of virginity.

  1. I think it’s more the reaction they fear than shame. It also depends on the age. I think society is more up in arms about interracial dating and same sex relationships than people being virgins. It’s unfortunate all around that anyone would judge someone else for anything.

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